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Hi Everyone

If anyone is in Oxford or Manchester for these meetings (see below) or any
other city wide anti-cuts 'Where Next' meetings pls can they mention the
30th January National Education Assembly decision to support the development
of long term strategic regular meeting city wide democratic assemblies to
(a) unite students, workers and community activists (b) resist cuts and (c)
build new forms, and possibilities of democratic power. And call the
meetings to endorse the call, and start planning on how to bring it about in
their local areas?

FYI I've set out a copy of the resolution below the info on the meetings at
(3) and at the PA Network link below.

In addition to the www.peoplesassemblies.org URL, for extra support check
the following links from Canada:
(1) 2006 paper on the strategic need to set up permanent Working People's
Assemblies: http://www.socialistproject.ca/relay/relay30_gindin.pdf
(2) Greater Toronto Workers Assembly web-site:
(3) The University of Toronto General Assembly web-site:



*Peoples Assemblies Network*

(1) Oxford Meeting: What next after March 26? | 9

Friends Meeting House, St Giles, Oxford

called by:

NOW, OACA, Oxford SOS, Oxfordshire KONP, Save our Youth Services, Oxford and
District TUC

an open meeting for groups and individuals involved in campaigns against the
cuts and privatisation

*10.00* Refreshments and networking
*10.20* Introductions by all (individuals and groups) saying who they are
and any plans over the next months against the cuts.
*11.00* Choice of 5 working groups people can choose from:

* Building for and events at May 2nd
* Spreading the message – all kinds of methods
* Mobilising for action in the workplace
* Considering non-violent direct action
* Talking about what is behind the cuts – the privatisation agenda and the

*12.00* Groups share thoughts ideas, and actions their group might take
forward – also any ideas of days of actions beyond May 2nd.
*12.30 – 1pm* time for more networking.

More info: Liz Peretz 01865 558145 | 07791 738577

(2) Manchester Coalition Against the Cuts – Fighting the Cuts – the Way
Forward | 11 April<http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk/2011/03/manchester-coalition-against-the-cuts-fighting-the-cuts-the-way-forward-11-april/>

Manchester Coalition Against the Cuts
Fighting the Cuts – the Way Forward
An evening to inspire….

April 11 7pm
Central Hall Oldham street Manchester
Doors Open at 6pm for stalls, music, video, refreshments

*Billy Hayes* – General Secretary Communications Workers Union
*Lee Jasper* – Campaigner for social justice and race equality, BARAC
*Alan Gibbons* – author of children’s literature, Save Our Libraries

Local speakers from Trades Unions and community campaigns.

*Billy Hayes* leads the Postal Workers Union. He said of the 26th March
demonstration, “The 500,000-strong group out on the streets on Saturday are
evidence that these cuts will not work, that there is an alternative and
that the government need to wake up and listen to the people. We need to
continue the fight until this happens.”

*Lee Jasper* – was born in Manchester and is one of the UK’s most prominent
race and human rights activists. He is co Chair of Black Activists Rising
Against the Cuts ( BARAC) a UK wide organisation that campaigns to defend
jobs and services, and highlights the disproportionate and adverse impact of
the huge reduction of public spending on deprived communities – in
particular black communities.

*Alan Gibbons* – described by the Manchester Evening News as ‘a rising star
of children’s literature.’ He recently launched a Save Our Libraries Day
which was a stunning success, with over ninety meetings, demonstrations,
Read ins and vigils are taking place the length and breadth of the UK.

*(3) Motion Passed 30th January 2011

This National Assembly of students urges communities throughout Britain and
Europe to build inclusive People’s Assemblies that can:

* unite students, education workers, trade unionists, community groups and
all those resisting austerity and ConDem cuts, as well as climate change
activists, campaigners for human rights, migrant support networks and
anti-racist groups

* develop an alternative democratic voice and long-term presence to
effectively challenge corporate/financial power and its grip on the existing
political system
Apathy is Dead
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