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To On Your Farm /Farming Today, BBC Radio 4 .


What  in the name of
the holy wee man  has the  crop decisions of one English  farmer  got to do with 
feeding the world poor?   
Caz Graham and Martin Poynz Roberts. 
Sunday  3 April? 


If there is a connection it is strange that  the FT /OYF team has not investigated this, and
thoroughly and repeatedly aired the devotion of 
10 per cent of the  UK
wheat crop to making biofuels.

Nor the  grant of  the record 2009  CAP cheque for £83 million to  British Sugar for `their bio ethanol plant in
Norfolk. And the second largest to
Czarnikow.  (Who? do I hear FT ask?)

Nor the co-incidence of the 
record high  wheat prices in UK
with the same,

Nor noted the apparent increase in wheat planting in UK

Nor the  sudden
appearance of grain silos springing up around Dorchester.
And  the apparent  increase in arable.


If there were any connection, surely there would have been a
slaughter of the  900,000 ponies in UK  and their conversion into horse meat for shipping
abroad , and recipes from River Cottage for deep fried Dobberman dumplings.

Then the slaughter of 
9 million cats and 8 million dogs to redirect the  pet food 
industry and free up the vets, to help farming help the starving.  Then the 
ploughing  up of 900,000 acres of
pony paddocks  and  drilling cereals.


Would producers and presenters  please try to 
reject hackneyed  clichés and nonsense  dogmas?

It would make  good
listening if FT/ OYF  were to set about
querying received wisdom .

Agriculture in UK
and Europe and US actively destroys Indfian small


Do your readers know that Unilever etc  own land in north India
near Delhi and grow peas to freeze
and export to feed the starving in UK

Are the OYF FT a victim of their own propaganda?  


What if, for a change, FT explored a radical and independent
line of thought .?

Please contact me if you need help. 


James   Dorchester.


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