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To see which MPs have endorsed the Recall proposal:

See EDM 1253 Recall of Elected Representatives 
<> at Parliament's web site.

A cross-party group of MPs from four (!) parties so far signed up to 
this "early day motion" in the House of Commons, several, so it seems, 
in response to the Unlock Democracy appeal (below).

*If your MP is not in the list then please consider asking her or him to 
sign up soon!*
Recall of Elected Representatives Bill 2010-11 
A "Recall of Elected Representatives Bill" was presented in the H o C 
last year and will have its second reading on 10th June 2011.

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Unlock Democracy <>, formerly Charter88, 
appeals for citizens' right to recall elected Members of Parliament.

INIREF - I&Rgb <> , Campaign for direct democracy 
in Britain, supports this call, pasted below:

New Recall Campaign: Please help build momentum*
Our democratic system desperately needs reform. Unlock Democracy are one 
of the leading organisations campaigning for the Yes vote in the coming 
AV referendum in May. However there are other crucial reforms that we 
must also campaign for.
One of these is the introduction of recall: the power for citizens to 
remove their MP. Your help is needed to build the momentum required to 
ensure our campaign to introduce recall is won.
In 1843, John Trelawney MP for Tavistock stated ‘his willingness to 
resign his seat if called upon to do so by a majority of his 
constituents’. We need more MPs like him. Too often in recent years have 
MPs abused their position, been involved in scandal or broken their word 
and yet remained in office.
Parliament (i.e. our MPs) is meant to hold the government to account. 
Yet currently the reverse happens: party leaders and whips control how 
MPs vote and the Parliamentary legislative timetable.
Citizens have no way to hold their MPs to account. General elections are 
almost never about voting for your MP, but rather about voting for the 
next government and based on the government’s record.
Giving citizens the power to recall their MPs will mean they truly can 
hold them to account and will also mean they have more power over them 
than the government and political party leaders and whips.
A small cross-party group of MPs already support recall. Please help 
ensure this group grows by taking the action below.
*Please write to, or email, your MP asking them to please sign Early Day 
Motion 1253 - Recall of Elected Representatives* in support of recall 
being introduced. It only need be a short letter or email. Also, please 
forward any replies you receive to me.
Note: Below is a sample text that you can use if you wish, although 
personalised emails and letters will be more effective.
You can find who your MP is and their contact details here: 
and you can use this website to help you write to or email your MP: 
Thank you. This campaign will only be won through the actions of citizens.
Yours sincerely
Steve Shaw
Parliamentary Campaigner
Unlock Democracy
Dear [your MP’s name]
I am writing to you regarding the need for citizens to have the power to 
recall their elected representatives.
Too often in recent years have MPs abused their position, been involved 
in scandal or broken their word and yet remained in office. Introducing 
recall would help reverse this.
I therefore ask that you please sign Early Day Motion 1253 in support of 
introducing recall.
Yours sincerely
[your name]
[your address]

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