Earth Activist Training permaculture design course 2011

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Earth Activist Training 2011

Earth Activist Training (EAT) is an accredited permaculture design course
that takes place over an intensive two week period. Its aim is to teach
permaculture to people who are active in promoting social or environmental
change. Permaculture is a system of ecological design that can be
practically applied in many ways. It could be used, for example, to
transform an urban allotment, a home, a small holding, a social centre or an
entire community. It can also be applied to political and economic systems.
Within the course, there are three themes that are interwoven with one
another, these are permaculture, activism and spirituality. The three themes
are viewed as mutually reinforcing. When used in combination they have the
capacity to make our work as activists much more effective.

Dates: 20th August - 4th September
Application deadline: 30th April
Venue: Landmatters Community in Devon.
Starhawk, a veteran campaigner and author of many books on earth-based
Andy Goldring, Permaculture Association
For more information and application forms go to

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