Right to take part in running public affairs is a universal human right

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*Iniref, the Campaign for Direct Democracy in Britain*, has called for 
lobbying and campaign action for instance at general election times and 
aiming to improve government law which regulates the procedures of 
democracy. Recently we drafted a call to lobby the Communities minister 
to improve his Localism Bill (see 1. in "

In Britain we have never developed much in the way of direct democracy 
so we are pretty unfamiliar with it. There's a great story about a 
success of genuine _democracy-led-by-citizens_ in a free high quality 
short film, *The Alpine Initiative* via 
http://www.iniref.org/alpine.html and if you want a lot of detail about 
direct democracy then load down _Direct Democracy in 5 Countries of 
Europe_ http://www.iniref.org/dd5countries.pdf and explore the free 
content at http://www.iniref.org

For friends who are new to the Campaign we now want to summarise what 
our demands are and to define some basic principles of democracy by the 
Read more ... 
Iniref proposals clarified + free film + background info 

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