Fox Housing Co-op - Advice/Support needed

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Tue Aug 2 17:56:31 BST 2011

Fox Housing Co-op is a fully mutual housing co-operative run and managed
by its tenants for their mutual benefit on a 70 acre ex-dairy farm in
rural West Wales.

We are a group of tenants who arrived between 6 and 18 months ago. We
discovered that the co-op was in dire financial straits, the land and
infrastructure was neglected, there was long term conflict between
ex-members and possible fraud.

We are keen to get on with living on the land, renovating the buildings,
bringing in new members and co-operative life in general. However we are
now deeply mired in a legal battle with ex-residents who want to sell much
of the land and housing and have tried repeatedly to evict us.

Please see our Radical Routes listing
Please read our blog

We need advice from land focussed individuals.
If you know of or are a solicitor willing to work for free please get in
touch with us.
If you have any money you would be able to donate to our legal fund, to
help us save this co-op please get in touch.
If you want to offer us support please mail us at foxhousingcoop at

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