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BBC Misinformation on CAP
On Farming Today  ,16 August , listners  heard that RSPB received £35,000 as CAP payment for Hope Farm. The RSPB corrected the  BBC interviewer who reported it was £27,000.  So far so virtuous.
In 2008 the gov. website (now blocked) reported RSPB England received £3,071,592  CAP payment and RSPB Scotland £1,162,438.
 CAP payments in UK inceased by 23 per cent from 2008- 2009 .  RSPB payments might have increased in line. and in 2010 and 2011...?

On the same programme the unchallenged statement was made that CAP is a European payment.
Well. the CAP regime is certainly an EU one, but the source of payment is from UK.
The EU is funded by member contributions. The UK contribution in 2010 was £10.3 billion and its source income tax etc. 
(This figure was obtained from HM Treasury by F of I request. and not announced in teh Budsget etc)
So the source of CAP payments of £3.4billion distributed to UK claimants in 2008 is UK taxpayers not 'Europe'.
Can we have a correction from BBC please?
James Armstrong     Dorchester 

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