Lancaster cohousing update

Kathy Bashford tony at
Mon Aug 22 21:59:07 BST 2011

Dear All

Work started on site today!  Full members are celebrating tonight in Lancaster.

This Sunday (August 28th) is our regular 
brunch.  There can also be a tour - if you would 
like a tour please could you contact us before 
Sunday or turn up at brunch.  The tour will be limited because of the work.

  11am Brunch 
<>WhaleTail, 78a 
Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XN

  1.30pm Site tour Forge Bank, Halton 
Meet at the Mill building.

There is a 1 bed home and 3 3 bed homes available 
in the project as well as the Heron Bank 
homes.  One of these is an extra upstairs living 
home with a high ceiling that we recently decided 
to build.  More details at the website 

Best wishes,

01524 842924 / 07825610342

Do you want to live or work in an eco community?  See

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