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this may be of interest
Offered by a fellow Director of Tamar Grow Local, a new group we have going on the Devon/Cornwall border

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 I rather fleetingly suggested a perspective that saw little distinction between ‘commercial’ growers and ‘community’ based growing. 
I wanted to pursue the idea further and have found this article (attached) that may be of interest. David Holmgren is one of co-founders of the Permaculture idea along with Bill Mollinson. In this paper Holmgren goes beyond his suggestion that ‘gardens’ (allotments/community based growing ? are an integral part of agricultural production system to arguing that they are potentially more sustainable, more productive and less environmentally damaging than ‘broad acre’ and commercial field horticulture.
This idea I find really interesting and relevant in relation to the work of TGL. It further places our concern for ‘Community’ growing into the wider issue of local food supply networks and food security more generally.   
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