Cameron gets High Court approval for Britain's biggest ever 'gyppo bashing'

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Dale Farm families could be evicted from midnight tonight
August 31, 2011 by DaleFarmSupport -
Dale Farm official Twitter Feed:!/letdalefarmlive
The last remaining legal barrier between the 
eviction of 86 families from their homes at Dale 
Farm has now fallen. The emergency injunction we 
sought, which would have delayed the planned 
eviction, has not been granted. This means that, 
from midnight tonight, the bailiffs can come at 
any time. The homes of the Dale Farm families are at risk.
Now is the time to make your stand with in solidarity with Dale Farm.
Please come down to Camp Constant – the more 
people we have, the more powerful our message and 
the more we can support the residents to resist the eviction.
Sign up to the sms eviction alert system at .
Dale Farm is only 30 minutes by train from London 
Liverpool Street Station.  The atmosphere at Dale 
Farm is inspiring — check out video of residents 
and supporters celebrating and learning together.
We will also be demonstrating: TELL EVERYONE: 
Sat, 10th Sept, 1pm, see here for more 
information and email: savedalefarm at to 
add your group’s support to the list

This weekend at Dale Farm (in addition to site 
construction and other activities):
On Saturday, Sept 3rd, noon: Jewish Solidarity 
visit — it’s important that cultures with a 
shared history of oppression support each other 
when our fundamental human rights face being 
breached.  That is why this Saturday, Jewish 
rabbis, citizens and activists will be on a 
special blockade in support of residents at Dale Farm.
There is a workshop, on Sunday Sept. 4th, 
2pm:  Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay! 
This is the rallying cry for Roma, Gypsies and 
Travellers and of migrants throughout the world. 
A common thread of persecution, of forbidden 
lands, eviction and deportation connect the 
struggles for migrant rights and the rights of 
Gypsies and Travellers. These realities have met 
dramatically in the crack-down and deportations 
of Roma people from France and Italy. Come to the 
Workshop organised by No One Is Illegal and 
London No Borders including a speaker who is an 
activist in Amnesty International’s campaign 
against the persecution of Roma in Europe.
If you can’t come down, you can help in other ways:
- spread the word on Twitter (@letdalefarmlive) 
on Facebook (search ‘Dale Farm Solidarity’)
- talk about it to your friends
- comment online – all the newspapers are 
carrying the story on their websites and the 
majority of online comments are negative
- donate:

Travellers are concerned how being evicted will 
affect those who are old and sick on the site.

Dale Farm Travellers lose appeal
31 August 2011 | By Rhiannon Bury, Alex Wellman - Inside Housing
A last-ditch attempt by Travellers to delay a 
council’s attempt to evict them from their homes 
has been foiled in the High Court.
Residents from the Dale Farm Travellers site in 
Basildon had gone to the High Court today 
(Wednesday) asking for an injunction to delay the eviction.
Campaigners for the Travellers argued that the 
eviction was unjust against 72-year-old Mary 
Flynn who suffers from breathing problems.
The case was thrown out but the council has 
agreed to review fresh medical evidence. The 
Travellers said this gave them a 14-day extension but the council disagreed.
Basildon Council had issued an eviction notice in 
July which gave the 100 families living on 51 
illegal pitches until 31 August to leave the site.
Jake Fulton, spokesperson for Dale Farm 
Solidarity, said: ‘Many of the residents are 
devastated but this isn’t something new to them. 
They’ve had many ups and downs over the last 10 years.
‘Those of us who are supporting them also share 
their distress but we hope that in the next 14 
days we can build a strong sense of solidarity with them.’
Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, said: ‘We 
are satisfied with today’s High Court 
decision.  We will now continue with our 
preparations for the clearance of Dale Farm.
‘But this will take place only after we have 
informed the travellers of the intended date when the operation will begin.
‘Direct action to clear Dale Farm is a last 
resort for the council and we take it reluctantly 
- but after almost 10 years of legal wrangling 
and exhausting the judicial process the 
travellers have left us with absolutely no choice.
‘They have broken the law which we are duty bound 
to uphold. And this is what we believe the vast 
majority of local people expect us to do.’

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