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Occupy Suspects: Police brand campers a terror threat
Narco-terrorists, suicidal jihadists, and Occupy London? While few 
would see any connection between peaceful British activists 
protesting economic inequality and the world's most notorious 
terrorist groups, London police beg to differ.

Police evict Occupy Boston protesters, 47 arrested
Activists' belongings all stolen and crushed by Boston police
Published: 10 December, 2011, 20:30
Forty-seven people have been arrested during a police clear-out of 
Boston's Dewey Square Occupy camp. Public health and safety was cited 
as grounds for the eviction.
Police walked onto the square in two single file lines at 5 am, 
warning protesters that anyone refusing to leave would be arrested.
However, about two dozen demonstrators linked arms and sat down in 
nonviolent protest. Police swiftly set about arresting them. People 
were detained for trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting 
arrest. No injuries have been reported.
Police superintendent William Evans said the arrests were made with 
"no confrontation whatsoever."
"They wanted to get arrested. It went very well, and we were very 
happy with the operation," he said, as cited by the Boston Globe.
It took one hour for police to end the operation and tear down the 
tents. The area is now being cleared.
There have been numerous reports on Twitter that a Long Range 
Acoustic Device (LRAD) was been brought to the scene in a police 
truck, but never used.
Earlier, city officials set a deadline of midnight Thursday for the 
protesters to abandon the site but police took no action until early 
Saturday. Many pulled up stakes and left the encampment after 
learning of the Thursday deadline, but others stayed, saying they 
were prepared to be arrested.
Boston mayor Thomas Menino had previously stated that the city had no 
plans to evict the protesters from Dewey Square, but later declared 
the occupation a public health and safety hazard.
He issued the deadline after a judge ruled on Wednesday that the 
protesters had no right to stay in Dewey Square.
William Evans said the department has had a good rapport with Occupy 
Boston from the start, but the encampment has been a "major drain" on 
city resources, reports the Boston Globe.
"Obviously, I think they overstayed their welcome," he said. "We 
moved in when we thought (was) the best time so we wouldn't have any 
The encampment in Boston was first erected on September 30th. 
Protesters estimate that 100-150 activists were living at the Dewey 
Square encampment.

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