Prince Charles is an “eco-hypocrite,” film-maker claims

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Fri Dec 30 12:16:57 GMT 2011

Prince Charles is an "eco-hypocrite," film-maker claims

    * By <>Guy Adams

Phelim McAleer, an Irish-born film-maker, who lives in Los Angeles, 
specialises in short polemics poking fun at bossy celebrities who 
preach green living while travelling in private jets and limousines 
(previous targets include 
Cameron and 
Redford). Now he's turning his artistic howitzers upon the heir to our throne.

His film "Prince Charles, hypocrite" was released on YouTube earlier 
today. It highlights some of the inconsistencies involved in a very 
wealthy royal, who lives in several palaces, demanding that his 
subjects "live with less." Watch it above, or on YouTube 

Whatever you think of either McAleer's clips (there's an air of 
"gotcha" journalism about them), or the assault on science inherent 
in climate-change scepticism, it's always fun to see the rich, 
famous, and mollycoddled ruling class being brought down a peg or 
two. So for that, we give thanks.
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