offgriduk nick at off-grid.net
Mon Feb 7 00:14:28 GMT 2011

I see the unpleasant woodlands.co.uk was one of the early beneficiaries of the forest sell-off (Sunday Times 6/2/11) - buying 54 acres of glorious wood near Market Rasen.

They paid GBP1800 per acre and will sell for GBP9000, removing the wood from public access and at the same time preventing the new owners from doing more than asset-stripping through the restrictive covenants they add to the sale - such as no living on the site.

I would like to have a go at preventing woodlands.co.uk from buying further forests in the current selloff - if anyone has the necessary info, please send to nick at off-grid.net and I can put it fully in the public domain

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