Assault on the "commons" by carbon credits?

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Wed Feb 9 10:00:59 GMT 2011

It was obvious from the 1st day that climate change became recognised  
in the conventional world that it would be subverted by creating a  
smokescreen out of carbon analysis. In those days about 15 years ago  
it was called 'Global Warming' and likewise, although 'Climate Change'  
is more sensible, it is unlikely that the shift is being made for  
sensible reasons. Just as the carbon business paved the way for  
governments to brush the dust off their nuclear toys, while wringing  
hands over renewables.

For sensible analysis, there is a perfectly acceptable system of  
measurement, namely ENERGY TRANSFER, that has been around and  
discussed for at least 50 years. In my opinion it should not only be  
the mode of analysis for fuel usage and the like, but everything, yes,  
as the basis for currency like gold was. But that is a diversion.

The point here is that the 'powers that be' do not want, have never  
wanted, yet hopefully one day may be persuaded to want for self- 
interest, a rational and cheat-proof system of analysis. Just as the  
financial system is a fully automated method for sustaining the flow  
of wealth from poor to rich, so carbon trading is bound to follow the  
same pattern. This is based on the 1st proposition of market economics  
that no-one is obliged to complete a bargain, it is voluntary and  
therefore fair. It just happens to favour the rich who can trade as  
much or as little as they like, whereas the desperately poor have to  
trade something to live. No conspiracy is needed. So long as 'the  
market' is held sacred, the rest is automatic.

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