[Diggers350] Woodlands.co.uk

ilyan ilyan.thomas at virgin.net
Wed Feb 9 18:51:27 GMT 2011

Wow!    I know of about an acre of woodland  for sale about a mile from 
the sea,  across the road from village shop.    The owner wants a claw 
back of 50% of any increase in value from house built above the ground, 
but only a 10% clawback for an undergound earth sheltered house.

There is another larger woody bit further inland, with a spring on the 
land, that owner was looking for some £25,000 for on the same terms.


On 07/02/2011 00:14, offgriduk wrote:
> I see the unpleasant woodlands.co.uk was one of the early beneficiaries of the forest sell-off (Sunday Times 6/2/11) - buying 54 acres of glorious wood near Market Rasen.
> They paid GBP1800 per acre and will sell for GBP9000, removing the wood from public access and at the same time preventing the new owners from doing more than asset-stripping through the restrictive covenants they add to the sale - such as no living on the site.
> I would like to have a go at preventing woodlands.co.uk from buying further forests in the current selloff - if anyone has the necessary info, please send to nick at off-grid.net and I can put it fully in the public domain

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