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   25th  February 


The  Self-build
Network  made the following submission to
the government planning consultation, National Planning Policy Framework, at



Rewarding landowners with 
taxpayers money (£3.4billion  Common
Agricultural Policy cheques each year )

And corporate landbankers with £1million an acre planning
gains (to the Duchy at Poundbury) ensures 
a jobless countryside (1  million
jobs lost in agriculture since 1900)

and a shortfall of new houses (1million below target since



There are 50,000 plus jobs on offer with a deserted
countryside re-peopled by workers living in 50,000 new self built  houses p.a.; reform of a destroyed housing market;
restoration of equity in house supply and prices;  and delivery from  self interested, unlawful  corporate market control- but only  if the planning regime changes policy  and actively gives preference to self
builders in the countryside.


Are these  rewards  not sufficient incentive to  change the aims of planning ?

Is that too much to expect in a democracy?   


Herds of deer 6, horse-riders 2, ruined deserted dwellings
1, agricultural workers 0,

an odiferous mountainous pile of sewage sludge awaiting
spreading on the fields ,

 (I’ll give that

This is the count during to-day’s walk  on a twelve square mile agricultural  holding in the deserted landscape around Dorchester.



James Armstrong,  Self
Build Network.

22,  Harveys

Dorchester DT1 1LE


Tel 01305 265510










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