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Fri Jan 7 09:16:07 GMT 2011

Unemployment in a post agricultural 'industrial' society  and economy is unacceptable-

especially when it is un-necessary as I maintain it is to-day.

In classical Athens there was no civil service.  Each citizen served the state

supplying work in government.

Every young person in UK to-day should move from school to 2 yrs work in central or local government services.

That will mean less than five days full time work for present  LA 
workers and Civil servants  - in libraries,  Treasury , bin collection, 
foreign office, defense department, MP's researchers etc. DHS, NHS ....   
(The state still accounts for some 40% of jobs) 

The devastating effects of non jobs is not taken seriously- it is a human rights issue. 

Just  as lack of access to housing at accessible prices in UK as at present is a breach of human rights.

Practically we are failing to develop individuals' potential.
How many such flowers have failed to bloom ?

Gradualism  in our thinking  has brought us into this mental  cul de sac . A 
re-appraisal is needed which upgrades our respect for each citizen. 

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