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>Subject: FW: wikileaks- govt bee killing conspiracy
>Hi guys  I know you have particular interest in bees (no pun).   Nn P
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>Subject: wikileaks- govt bee killing conspiracy
>While the 
>media frenzy may have been focused on the release of tens of 
>thousands of classified military and U.S. State Department 
>documents, it's a 
>Environmental Protection Agency document that has conservationists, 
>environmentalists and beekeepers abuzz.
>The November 2nd memo, leaked to a Colorado beekeeper, indicates 
>that the EPA was well-aware that the pesticide Clothianidin posed 
>some serious risks to honey bees. There have been concerns about 
>this chemical from as far back as 2003, and it's already been banned 
>in Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia because of its toxicity. But 
>the EPA chose to sweep all that under the rug to keep the pesticide 
>on the market.
>Clothianidin, marketed as "Poncho" by Bayer, is widely used on corn, 
>as well as canola, soy, sugar beets, sunflowers and wheat. As if the 
>$262 million cash crop from last year wasn't enough, Bayer wants to 
>keep expanding the pesticide's use. And the company's original 
>registration was based on some seriously flawed science: they 
>evaluated the wrong crop, with the wrong controls to assess the impact on bees.
>This all adds up to some serious questions about the government 
>to Colony Collapse Disorder as they knowingly allowed Bayer to 
>poison bees. And this is about a lot more than honey production ... 
>native habitats, and as much as one-third of America's food supply, 
>rely on the pollination provided by bees.
>In light of the leaked memo, the National Honey Bee Advisory Board, 
>American Beekeeping Federation, American Honey Producers 
>Association, Beyond Pesticides, Pesticide Action Network North 
>America, and Center for Biological Diversity sent a 
>to the EPA requesting that the agency "take urgent action to stop 
>the use of this toxic chemical."
>The letter goes on to point out that this new information indicates 
>an overuse of the Office of Pesticide Program's conditional 
>registration program. This bee boondoggle "represents a failure that 
>could and should have been avoided." As a result, the coalition is 
>calling for an immediate moratorium on these types of registration 
>until the program is evaluated.
>There's still a lot we don't know about Colony Collapse Disorder and 
>the massive bee die-offs it's been causing. One thing we do know is 
>that bees are in trouble, and that's not good news for all the 
>animals (and humans) who rely on the plants these important insects sustain.
>the call for the EPA to stop the sale of Poncho and conduct a 
>thorough study into the pesticide's impact on wildlife.
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