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Jim Sutton - undercover cop in Reclaim the Streets

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Reports on Jim Sutton an undercover cop who infiltrated Reclaim the 
Streets during the 1990's and had kids with an activist.

Some comments on the Guardian website have suggested that this was 
all ok because she knew he was a policeman by then. The reports 
underplay the fact she had already fallen in love with him and moved 
in with him long before this. Its not exactly rare for people who are 
in love to fall for their lover's promises that they will change, and 
she was up against a professionally trained liar and manipulator, so 
the odds were stacked against her. 

Undercover policeman married activist he was sent to spy on

Chief constable says relationships with targets in environmental 
movement 'grossly unprofessional' 

Ex-wife of police spy tells how she fell in love and had children with him

"MARK STONE" Real name Mark Kennedy

Distributed Zapatista Coffee 'Rebelde' from Germany to UK social 
centres In 2004.

Extensive involvement in Ireland:
Ireland Early 2004 attended a grassroots gathering promoting Scotland G8,
Ireland 2004 Mayday protests. Involved in attacking police. Supplied 
defensive equipment. People serve prison sentences relating to 
material delivered by him from UK.
Ireland 2004 Protests against George Bush summit at Dromoland castle.
Ireland 2005 Attended EFYA winter meeting in Co Clare 2005 Attended a 
meeting and fund-raiser for the G8 in Belfast.
Ireland 2006 Attended the Anarchist Bookfair and then went to 
Rossport solidarity camp.

UK Coordinated transport for the Dissent network of resistance 
against the G8 camp in Stirling Scotland in 2005. (a fleet of 
minibuses) Gained name "Transport Mark"

Was involved in planing Camp for Climate Action "land group" from 
2006 onwards often in driver role.

Was for a number of years involved in Climate Justice groups which 
faced repeated raids and arrests. These groups have been actively 
disrupted during this period.

Had sexual relationships with a number of activists.

Involved in anti-police anti corporate actions with Saving Iceland 
campaign in Iceland.

Was actively involved in Berlin radical left groups for some months 
prior to the Heligendam G8. Actively promoted a violent assault on 
Berlin business district. (Plan B)

Took part in riots surrounding the eviction of ungdomshuset "youth 
house" In Copenhagen Denmark.

Is believed to have visited Denmark after this point. (can Danish 
comrades confirm?)

Using established anarchist contacts in Denmark he was well placed to 
inform on UK activists and others attending the Cop 13 negotiations in 2009.

Involved in anti-fascist activity. Encouraged anti-EDL campaigners to 
attack coaches carrying members of the extreme nationalist group to 
Bradford in 2010.

More recent involvement in Animal Rights circles such as attending 
2010 international AR gathering in Milan, Italy.

Appears to have moved into Private Spying. He shared a business 
address with a director of Global Open a company of private spies 
composed of ex -Special Branch, (political police.)

Kennedys role, has received intense media coverage in the UK, 
following the collapse of a court case against activists on Monday 
10th January. This has led to highest ranking policeman Sir Hugh Orde 
defending infiltration of left wing groups on the Newsnight 
television programme.

Mark Kennedy spoke about his infiltration to extreme right-wing 
newspaper The Mail on Sunday, He claimed to have operational 
influence over German and Danish police.

Both "Marco Jacobs" and "Mark Stone" attended the Dissent! Europe 
gathering prior to Strasbourg, France anti NATO in 2009. They arrived 
together, very little real UK based activist involvement. (same time 
as G20 London)
"LYNN WATSON" Real name unknown

In late 2003 Lynn Watson attended event at Aldermaston nuclear 
weapons factory and then joined a Trident Ploughshares affinity 
group. NVDA anti nuclear weapons group.

She took part in non-violence training (one of the trainers didn't 
get there as he was picked up on a warrant as he came off the ferry!) 
and attended a TP planning meeting.

During 2004 she also went to Aldermaston Womens Peace Camp and was 
very active in the Block the Builders campaign. (Direct action) She 
said she lived in Bournemouth and did care work.

In 2005 she moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. Active in environmental 
activist groups centred around anarchist social centre, The Common Place.

"Lynn Watson" used Bank Account:
  Sortcode: 560054
Account Number: 33516774
IBAN: GB97NWBK56005433516774

Lynn was part of a small group who planned the site take for the Camp 
for Climate action in 2006 drax and 2007 Heathrow, less so 2008 kingsnorth.

Was member of UK Action medics collective, who provide first aid to 
the direct action community. Lynn was involved with UK action medics 
at Dissent G8 in Gleneagles 2005, and later that year at Earth First! 
gathering in Derbyshire. Later, she hosted an Action medics meeting 
at her house in Leeds.

She was also the UK contact when medics went to G8 in Russia, so the 
address they were staying at may have been passed on. (to Russian 
secret state?)

( "Marco Jacobs" filled similar role for CAN!)

Was member of the Rebel Clown Army. (unclear if this made them any 
less effective)

Had sexual relationships with some activists. Was "camera shy".

Is not known to have operated outside of the UK. (one unconfirmed 
sighting with "Mark Stone" in Berlin May 2006)

"Watson" "Stone" and "Jacobs" seem to have disappeared from left 
political circles in the UK.
"MARCO JACOBS" also known as "Mark Jacobs" Real name unknown

Infiltrated the Dissent! network of resistance against the G8 in 
Brighton, in 2004. Following suspicions that he was a policeman 
there, he moved to Cardiff, Wales where he successfully infiltrated 
Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN).

He encouraged ideological and personal splits within CAN.

He had at least one sexual relationship within activist circles.

Using his connections he then became involved in the Rising Tide 
Network. He was at the centre of a set of police raids and arrests 
that targeted climate justice activists, including one on his own flat.

He was involved in the No Border campaigns for freedom of movement. 
He was minute taker at UK wide gatherings. He had prior knowledge of 
No Borders successful blockades to prevent immigration snatch squad 
dawn raids on families,

He attended (with "Mark Stone") a meeting in Poland prior to the G8 
in Heligendam, It is believed that only one genuine UK based activist 
was at this event!

He travelled with UK activists to Germany to oppose the G8 in 
Heligendam, Germany 2007 and was actively involved in autonomous 
block planning at the Redelich camp.

In 2009 he attended planning meetings in Dijon for the Anti NATO 
resistance to take place in Strasbourg. He arrived with "Stone" . Set 
up website promoting this action.

He suddenly pulled out of attending the resistance to the G8 in St 
Petersburg Russia. Remained in contact with CAN activists in Russia.

Towards the end of his career in Cardiff, friends became suspicious 
of him and he was increasingly being left out of sensitive 
discussions. Ironically this included the location of the 2008 Camp 
for Climate Action, the location of which was known by a small group 
including "Watson" and "Stone".

Please add factual comments/corrections here so that statement can 
been produced for distribution through Indymedia and associated networks.

Please do not post anything you do not have direct knowledge of or 
can show where it comes from.

Please do not reveal any names or information that may reveal names 
of people other than the police themselves.

Please do not post the fact you once had tea with one of the 
infiltrators, only facts which develop a picture of their political 

If groups could make statements that would be helpful.

Face to camera shots of "Marco" and "Lynn" would be very useful 
Please do not repost information from other media there is a 
discussion of other media here.

Comrades worldwide feel free to post here if you have information on 
these police officers.
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