Hannigfield jailed ,corporations fined

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Guardian  2 July 

Lord Hanningfield 
jailed for nine months 

Mr Justice Saunders said he would be remembered as a
benefits cheat.


He defrauded taxpayers of 


April 2011

Proctor and Gamble and Unilever Fined  £240million   
(publicity minimal)

For running a price fixing cartel in Europe
on washing powders 

July 2 , 2011

British Gas fined 
£1million by Ofgem 

After supplying less green energy  to businesses than they claimed 

And BG is to  repay 


B Gas fined £200,000 by Ofgem

For stopping customers switching to new supplier   By Of gem


“Mail online, 2 July”

“Last October London Electricity were fined £2million by
Ofgem  after its sales agents  were found to have used unscrupulous  selling tactics to get new customers. 




The scale of 
punishment - individuals v corporations is unjust and out of  proportion 

A peer is jailed for defrauding the public of £14,000

The Justice  names him
as a benefits cheat.

The story gets front page headlines and features on BBC news


British Gas  , London
Electricity , Unilever and Proctor and Gamble 
take part in major

Anti social law breaking measured in  £millions and 

a)      don’t  receive appropriate  condemnation from a  magistrate or judge as Lord Manningfield did

b)       are fined – not imprisoned 

c)      the
major breaches of  competition and
regulatory law are hardly reported or barely commented on.      



There seems to be no central notice board where corporate
fines are recorded (let alone publicized.)   I have asked each of the UK
regulators, and EU,  to send me a list of significant corporate fines they have imposed  since 2000  

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