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      ... FROM SQUASH: The Squatter's Action for Secure Homes internet
      blog  working group want to do a series of posts on 'the history
      of squatting' <>

      /the idea is to do regular posts on a different aspect of
      squatting's past. We want this representation of history to be as
      multilinear and diverse as the squatting movements have been. So
      if you know about, were there, or would like to do some research
      about a particular thread of this history, and can write something
      for this series that would be great. From the (medieval?) myth of
      the one night cottage that would spring up on common land, the
      diggers (st. georges hill is now a gated community), post war ex
      army people squatting the barracks, to the history of particular
      streets or squats, to the relationship between squatting and other
      housing movements and reform, squatting's relationship to
      particular music or art scenes, its relationship to particular
      eras of urban change. I guess we would really like to tease out
      some of the more hidden histories, maybe the role it's played for
      particular immigrant communities, and so on... The plan is to
      illustrate all the contributions and post them as regularly as
      possible on the blog, and so creating an archive of all of them.
      please forward this invitation to anyone you think would be
      interested, or has special knowledge about some part of squatting.../

/ email research at

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