UK - International Assembly Every Sunday - pls spread the word

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Tue Jul 12 21:32:09 BST 2011

*Please Forward Widely *

At the NEW 15M London General Assembly in Trafalgar Square, over the last
two Sundays there has been a good turn out of over 50, but mostly Greek and
Spanish Londoners. I will make a real effort to spread the word about next
Sunday, so we can perhaps make headway with movement for participatory
democracy here in London and the UK in the coming months. Will you do the
same ??

Come on: let's spread the word about Assemblies, and 15M in our area: and
make sure our sisters and brothers in arms have a proper UK presence at
their assemblies!

Time to build Real Democracy Now in the UK!!

PS Livestream from US on Thurs "from the French Revolution to the Spanish
Revolution" maybe of interest:

PPS. not in London ? to find your nearest group in UK, check the many links
and feeds at ]

Come on London!!!! Come on the UK!!!!!!


*Trafalgar Square, London *
*Sunday, July 17th · 6:00pm*
Look for the People’s Assembly Banners

On 12th July 2011 00:38, Andy Paice <andypaice at> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Every Sunday in London's Trafalgar Square we are holding people's
> assemblies.
> Here is our webpage
> and new facebook page
> <>
> The assemblies are a joining of forces of London's 15M movement,  the Greek
> Assembly and the people of London.
> We will keep you posted as to how this develops.
> Hugs and Solidarity to all of you from London!
> We're changing the world together!
> Andy Paice
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