Sunrise: Off-Grid Gathering 2011, Aug 18th-21st

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Sunrise: Off-Grid 2011

Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st August 2011

`Turn Off & Switch On' at the beautiful Fernhill Eco-Farm in

  As we plunge further into this transition of the ages, as the Earth
shudders beneath our feet and global society teeters on the brink of
chaos and collapse, as we veer between visions of fear and positivity we
have a choice as to what steps we take...  To step into a Brave New
World as a committed participant or to stand aside and let others shape
our futures?

We are the architects of our realities and we are responsible for
shaping our worlds!

Sunrise: Off-Grid returns for its third year in the fields of sunny
Somerset.  A participatory, family-focused gathering and a deep
exploration of community living, creativity, and consciousness produced
by the team behind the Sunrise Celebration festivals.  A networking camp
for Community Activists, Off-Gridders, Transitioners, Earth-dwellers,
Sustainable Lifers, Holistic Livers, Bushfolk, Pirates, Visionaries and
Freemen.  A place to gather ourselves and each other and share our
knowledge, skills, and wisdom.  A place to learn, expand, explore, and
breathe a little.

Sunrise: Off-Grid is held at Fernhill Farm in the Mendip Hills, an
award-winning centre for sustainable and natural farming.  Facilities
include a WET system for disposal of all water and toilet waste
naturally, solar thermal heating of water (funded by Off-Grid 2010),
rainwater recycling, eco-build camping barns and much more.

Off-Grid is a unique crowd-sourced event, the gathering for all those
seeking to build resilience in their lives and in those of their
communities. Any profits go to the Natural Communities Foundation, a
charity dedicated to building stronger, sustainable communities and
land-based projects.

Event Features

The Conference Barn

>From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August, Sunrise Off-Grid will present
three special conferences, each focused on a different aspect of our
transition to a sustainable future:

       Friday 19th      Sustainable Communities and Smallholdings -
exploring low-impact,       sustainable, alternative, and intentional
communities and land rights.

       Saturday 20th      Resilient Farms Conference - examining the
future of farming in the UK with contributions from Michael Eavis.

       Sunday 21st      Big Ideas Forum - ideas that can change the world

The Off-Grid College: A 13 Module Course in Off-Grid Living

The Off-Grid college is a module-based taster course in all you need to
know about the practical aspects of Off-Grid living.  Ranging through
aspects as diverse as power-provision through to Off-Grid Medicine,
Eco-Construction, and Bushcraft Skills.

The Learning Hubs

·       The Avalon Rising University: Esoteric, Freemen and Sacred

·       The Inner Sanctum: Personal Development and Community Classes

·       Dynamix: Movement, Dance and Rhythm

·       Wildcraft: Original Permaculture, Natural Environment and

·       Tin Village: Transition, Building Community and Growing Food

The Main Stage

Featuring the very best World, Folk, and Roots music

Alternative Technology and Crafts Area

Showcasing appropriate technology, age-old skills, and new practices

Fernhill Bar and Shop

Enjoy organic food and drink, and `Pick Your Own Veg' in the
Fernhill Garden

Kids Tribal Village

A chance for the kids to explore tribal ritual, tradition, & dress, to
make their own rules and found their own society - All overseen by
skilled adults. Three days of discovery, adventure and celebration.

Information and Networking Area

Share your projects, skills and ideas!

Sunrise SOL Currency

The Sunrise SOL (Symbol of Life) was inspired by the Totnes and Lewes
Pounds.  Back in 2009, Sunrise Off-Grid was the first festival in the
world to launch its own `Transition' currency


·       Artisan Market Area – Flypitching Welcome*

·       Buddhafield, Eartheart and Outer Regions Cafes

·       Forest School

·       Kids Play Area

·       Permaculture Area

·       Sauna

·       Storytelling Canyon

·       Transition Tin Village

& much, much more...

* Daily Fees Apply

As part of the Off-Grid College and the Learning Hubs, we are interested
in finding presenters and teachers in the following subject areas:

    * Practical Eco-Build Demonstrations
    * Bush/Wildcraft
    * Running 12v power systems
    * A Guide to the various Micro-Renewables
    * Rainwater Harvesting
    * Building Regulations and Planning Legislation
    * Storing and Preserving Food
    * Waste/Energy from Waste/Reuse
    * Low-Energy & DIY Technology Workshops
    * Forest Gardening and Permaculture
    * Making a Caravan Sauna
    * Sweatlodge
    * Hunter Gathering Skills
    * Toolmaking
    * Bicycle Power: Cycle-Powered Washing Machine
    * Tree Identification
    * Wild Living
    * Seed Conservation
    * Clothing and Shoe Making

Are you able to help with any of these subjects?

If so, please contact jon.cousins at
<mailto:jon.cousins at>  cc'ing in
dan at <mailto:dan at>

Or call us at 0845 009 4463

Alternatively, do you have a Big Idea that can Change the World?  Do you
have a technology you want to demonstrate?  Are you part of an existing
eco-community?  If you have something to offer then let us know!

We are also looking for various materials, supplies, and infrastructure
to make the event possible.  If you have any canvas, tarpaulins, large
amounts of wood, paint or anything else you feel could be of us, then
please let us know!

Similarly, there are opportunities for stalls and exhibition pitches,
kid's area coordinators, workshop leaders, stewards, litter pickers
and other volunteers.

Please email off-grid at
<mailto:off-grid at>  if you wish to get involved!

Tickets Available via Bristol Ticket Shop

£65/£85 (Low/Higher Earner), Kids ONLY £20 + Parking Fees

Ticketline: 0845 1080259 <>

off-grid at <mailto:off-grid at>

Enquiries: 0845 009 4463

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