Murdoch absolved.

james armstrong james36armstrong at
Tue Jul 19 19:28:10 BST 2011

Rupert has made an unanswerable case in my book.  News Corp with 53,000 employees , based in USA (already fined there  some $millions ,) should not answer for piddling News International's crimes here.  He is off the hook.
We have lost the battle. 
 If we want to win the war for democracy we must limit the size of all corporations, make them domestic, control them by fixing a renewable variable termination date, , legislate that their first duty is to the  public's welfare, second to their employees   (not their shareholders')
and also limit their remit to specific trading operations.  Also we should set up a CRO for corporations - on which News Corp would already feature for their gigantic fine by US courts. (look it up- google "News Corp fined" )
The war is people v corporations and the enemy is at the door.  Better to identify the enemy than slap the wrist of an old goat.
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