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The Burston Rebellion anniversary 
Sep 4th 2011 at Burston, Norfolk

I hope as many as possible will attend.  
The  Burston Story.

      The Book and the


The Burston story 

In 1911 Two consciencious primary  teachers, Kitty and her husband Tom Higdon
were dismissed from their posts at the village school  because of Tom’s  support for farm workers and  Union activities against low wages. 

The villagers and school children supported the Higsons and
boycotted the old school and started up a new school from their own meagre
resources  which carried on successfully
till 1939.

The  achievement was
only successful after  the children , on
their own initiative  started a strike.


The Burston  event , only  100
years ago shares similarities with the better known  Tolpuddle Labourers who in 1834 
were  harshly treated for  daring to 
oppose wage cuts to their already inadequate wages.

The  key issue was the
exploitation of child labour , and  farm
labourers, and control of society via ownership of land, then by a combination
of big farmers,  the church  and the magistrates extending into control
of   peoples religious beliefs and  interference in education etc -Now by  agribusiness and multinationals monopolising land and taxing households secretly via C.A.P., huigher house prices etc


The anniversary

TUC and Unite etc are holding a mini ‘Tolpuddle festival’ at
Burston ,where TLIO will have a stand campaigning on CAP ,  near Diss Norfolk on 
Sunday  4th Sept.
to  support the local  people , with 
talks, music and banners.  
The Book and the Film

BBC broadcast a film featuring Eileen Atkins .   Remarkably,I found a copy of the book on Burston Rebellion
by Zamoyska – in an old bookshop in Calcutta
in 1999!

Even more remarkably, how I got to find out about the  Sep anniversary was I found a TUC leaflet
about it  in my car – either it came from
Tolpuddle or from someone I gave a lift to. (Did I hear you mention 'untidy car'?)  


I hope as many as possible will make an effort to attend on
Sep 4th Its a good opportunity for other groups to network.  . If two people  need a lift a car will leave from London  on 3rd- to camp overnight there. 

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