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Mon Jul 25 11:46:36 BST 2011

I should have added I am making contact with Prof Jawati Ghosh of JNU Delhi and plan to have an Indian input to the case we are making to the EU commissioners for real democratic reform of CAP and above all, transparency .
We have started our own poll in Britain. Anyone wanting to  help and get maybe 10 or so questionnaires completed  could maybe come to  the  Burston rally on 4 September in Norfolk . get briefed, get some questionnaires and maybe take part in our planned visit to Brussels this winter  to present the findings of the poll to the  commission and meet your MEP's and make a big media event.
Ee can also make a start exposing the lobbyist at Brussels, visit the NFU office there...
We only need to get 165 replies in UK to equal  the   professional (very limited and biased )  CAP poll carried out by the  EU .
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