07-11Jul - PORTUGAL - Ecovillage Conference 2011 in Tamera

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Wed Jun 1 23:41:12 BST 2011

Ecovillages and Sustainable Living Conference 
20117. Jul 2011 - 11. Jul 2011 in Tamera ( Portugal )

This conference will give participants a deeper 
understanding of cutting edge developments of the 
Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), focusing on 
GEN-Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 
Opportunities will be provided to learn about and 
practice facilitation methods and pedagogies used 
during the conference (experiential learning, 
action learning, participatory learning, 
incorporating the wisdom and diversity of 
participants). This year there will be a special 
focus on the dimension of education.

Ecovillages act as research and training centres 
for sustainable development within wider society. 
The hosting Ecovillage of Tamera serves as a 
living example and field of practice for the themes of the conference.

The themes of this year’s conference include:
Collaborations for Sustainability – Inspirations 
from the Global Ecovillage Network
New developments in the Global Ecovillage 
Network, with a focus on Europe and Africa. 
In-depths exploration of Tamera’s solar village 
and water landscape in theory and practice.
Widening networks for Resilience – Broadening the concept of 'Ecovillage'
Transition of traditional villages to 
ecovillages. Interaction and cooperation with 
academia, social entrepreneurs and policy makers. 
Ecovillages and Transition Towns. Empowered Fundraising.
Education for Sustainability - GEN-Strategies
Ecovillage Design Education – Gaia Education. 
Presentation of the new two-year curriculum 
‘Transition to Resilience – Learning Adventure 
for Change Agents’.  Children and Youth.

The conference will be facilitated by Capra Carruba and a team.

The presenters and facilitators of workshops are 
: Kosha Anja Joubert ( South Africa, Germany and 
Scotland, UK ) , Macaco Tamerice ( Germany and 
Italy),  Adama Ly ( Senegal ), Lua Bashala-Kekana 
( Congo and South Africa ), Nara Petrovic ( 
Slovenia), John Croft ( Australia and Germany ), 
May East ( Scotland, UK and Brasil ). Other presenters to be confirmed

Each day of the conference will start with 
lectures in the mornings, followed by 
mini-workshops in smaller groups to deepen one of 
the themes of the morning. There will be lots of 
opportunities to get to know the other participants and more informal exchange.


Tamera in Southern Portugal is an international 
training and experimental site for the 
development of peace research villages and 
healing biotopes worldwide. Approximately 200 
people live, work and study in Tamera. Tamera’s 
aim is to develop an example of a model for a 
non-violent co-existence of people and between people and nature.

Simple living is an important value in Tamera and 
the accommodation is mostly in dormitories and 
big tents with floors and beds. Some rooms with 
simple standard are available in the guest 
houses. All accommodation is within walking distance to the conference site.

The community kitchen in Tamera prepares vegan, 
organic meals with as many local and regional ingredients as possible.

+44 (0)7786 952037
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