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Copy of e mails sent to Treasury and Rural Payments Agency (RPA)  Enquiries.
EU does not fund £3.4 billion annual  handouts to landowners(costing £3.9bn when  distributed) . Ultimately UK taxpayers pay this.
( I assumed till to-day that the £3.4bn  was a rebate from EU  effectively reducing  the  UK's annual £10.3bn contribution for membership of EU.
£500 per UK household, now I doubt this.) 
Now I want to find out  cos the possibility is that the £3.9bn CAP payments are additional to the £10.3 bn.membership fee 
making each UK's household  contribution over  £633 each year,  Both statistics, of course are effectively kept secret. 
A campaign  to publicise these figures and expose their suppression suggests itself.

I support EU membership and even limited farm subsidies to struggling farmers only ,  but not unaccountability and largesse to  dukes and earls and corporations. and ineffective use of public money  
An opinion poll of UK adults to find out knowledge of CAP, who pays, and who knows what EU membership costs  would be an effective way of publicising the secret , institutional and constitutional  exploitation by bulk landowners of the non bulk-landowning 95% of the population.
I am busy drafting the questionnaire.  I want to recruit researchers ( each to do  about ten or twenty interviews over the summer.)
Please let me know if you can help and recruit others.    


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Subject: fuuding rpa distribution of £3.4bn CAP payments
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 10:20:19 +0000

1 Would you please advise the ultimate source of funding for CAP payments 2009 by RPA of £3.4billion?
Does a transfer take place from EU Commission ?  
2 With reference to the annual £10.3 net (2011) UK contribution to EU , is the CAP payments of £3.4billion 
seperately funded entirely buy HMT  and therefore additional?

Why are these figures and their source not available in Annual Abstract of statistics?
James Armstrong .  Dorchester    
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