12th June - Open Farm Sunday

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Find your local open farms....


Open Farm Sunday is an annual event that gives 
everyone the chance to meet the farmers who grow 
their food and care for the countryside. 
Organised by LEAF (Linking Environment And 
Farming), it benefits from generous cross-industry support.

Some of the sponsors are highly iffy & hoping to 
gain credibility by this open farm day
Asda, Syngenta, Marks & Spencer & Barclay's Bank
At Asda we believe that the best friend to the 
British farmer is the well-informed consumer 
which is why we are a principal sponsor of Open 
Farm Sunday. Open Farm Sunday encourages farmers, 
across the entire food chain, to open their farm 
gates to the public. The aim is to build a 
greater connection between farmers and their 
local community, ultimately educating consumers 
about where food comes from. For farmers the 
length and breadth of Great Britain, this 
provides a fantastic opportunity. It means they 
can publicise their presence in the local 
community and teach others about the countryside 
and what it means to be a British farmer.
         Defra is pleased to support the 
excellent work of Open Farm Sunday in encouraging 
people to re-connect with farming and how and 
where their food is produced.  The Government is 
committed to supporting and developing British 
farming and we want to encourage people to be 
aware of where their food comes from and how they 
can work with farmers for the benefit of their 
local community.  Farm visits play an important 
part in helping people along this journey.
         John Deere is delighted to join Open 
Farm Sunday as the project’s machinery sponsor in 
2011. As well as being the world’s leading 
manufacturer of agricultural, turf and 
construction equipment, education and the 
environment are two of the key principles of our 
worldwide business. OFS provides an ideal 
opportunity, not only to show a wider public 
audience how advanced farming technologies are 
being applied to the benefit of farming, 
efficient food production and sound environmental 
management, including the reduction of harmful 
emissions, but also to encourage young people to 
consider a challenging and worthwhile career in 
farming and agricultural engineering.
         Farmers Weekly is the leading farming 
publication in the UK and is pleased to be the 
official media partner for Open Farm Sunday. 
Connecting consumers with the people who grow 
their food and care for the countryside is vital 
for the long term health of the industry. Farmers 
Weekly has a proud history of representing and 
informing readers, and is pleased to support the 
many farmers hosting events as they get ready for the big day.

                 Frontier Agriculture is the UK’s 
leading crop inputs and grain marketing business, 
recognised for its close customer relationships 
with farmers and grain consumers and its 
successful management of the whole arable supply 
chain. Frontier recognises the importance of 
educating children and adults about how their 
food is produced in a sustainable way and is 
delighted to support its farmer customers and the 
wider farming industry through its involvement with Open Farm Sunday.

LEAF Marque is the leading environmental food 
label that demonstrates that the food you buy is 
grown with care for the future of our 
environment, wildlife and countryside. LEAF 
Marque farmers are actively improving the 
environment and we want all people to visit LEAF 
Marque farms to see how farmers are caring for 
the countryside and how their food is produced.

Natural England says thumbs up for wildlife 
friendly farming.  For this year's Open Farm 
Sunday we are specifically supporting the 
development and delivery of the Open Farm Sunday 
workshops in England.  The aim is to give farmers 
the skills, confidence and knowledge to organise 
inspiring and memorable events for Open Farm 
Sunday and throughout the year for educational 
and group visits.  The workshops are being held 
as a partnership between LEAF (Linking 
Environment and Farming) and FACE (Farming And Countryside Education).
         The NFU is delighted to be a principal 
sponsor of Open Farm Sunday. Educating consumers 
about the importance of farming and Why Farming 
Matters is at the heart of the NFU’s 
public-facing work. Open Farm Sunday provides the 
perfect opportunity for many of our members to 
open up their farm gates and connect with the 
people around them, showcasing their farms and 
the skills used to produce a wide range of 
quality foods at the same time as caring for the 
natural environment.  We are also very happy to 
be continuing our support providing farmers with 
the information and resource they need to make 
their 2011 Open Farm Sunday events a success.
         Syngenta is one of the world’s leading 
plant science businesses.  Our purpose is to 
bring plant potential to life by improving yields 
and protecting crops from pests and diseases so 
that we can feed the world’s growing population. 
Improving people’s connections with food and 
farming is a great ambition and Open Farm Sunday 
is a fantastic way in which to achieve this. We 
are proud to play our part in supporting food 
producers and in showing the public the amazing 
job our farmers do in protecting the countryside and growing high quality food.

         Waitrose is delighted to sponsor Open 
Farm Sunday in 2011, and to support this showcase 
day for British farming. It is a fantastic 
opportunity for everyone to spend a fun day out 
seeing how their food is produced, and how 
farmers take care of the countryside around them. 
Waitrose is passionate about selling great 
tasting British food and is proud of the many 
farmers and growers who supply it, many of whom 
will be opening their farms on this day.
         "As family bakers, we at Warburtons work 
with over 350 farmers in the UK to grow our own 
wheat. We are therefore passionate about 
highlighting the link between farms and the food 
on our dinner tables. In sponsoring Open Farm 
Sunday, Warburtons hopes to help people gain a 
better understanding of the vital role farmers 
play in delivering the food we eat every day – 
from seed to crumb." Brett Warburton, Executive Director, Warburtons.

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