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Real Democracy / Direct Democracy Revolution spreading..
[see below]

And in London, this week related meetings and activities:

(1) The next Open Assembly for June 30th Strike will be in Room 3E
at ULU at 7pm, tonight Monday 13th June. [More info on this meeting is
given below]
At the last Assembly it was agreed to faciliatate a People's Assembly
on June 30th in Westminter to engage the strikers and hopefully
inspire them via the Spanish movement (known as 15M) and the vision of
a really democratic society. There is also
a blog entry about Democracia Real Ya! for the Right to Work
campaign, here:

(2) Meeting on Wed 15th @ ULU Eurozone in Crisis – Solidarity with
the Resistance | Coalition of Resistance

(3)  Echoing the amazing scenes outside the Spanish Embassy in recent
weeks with Assemblies of 800 or more people, although not likely to be
as big (although the movement in Greece is growing:-)!) there is now a
call for people to assemble outside the Greek Embassy in London this
Thursday 16 June at 6.30pm. Discussions will consider the current
situation and explore ways of

It has not been reported (much) in the news, but you can read about
15M Spanish "Democracia Real Ya!" movement here:

And now with Direct Democracy Now in Greece

[Tonight, June 30th Open Assembly Meeting Info:

Hi all,

The next assembly for J30 will be at ULU at 7pm, Monday 13th June. After
collectively deciding a structure of J30 we are now faced with actually
organising it! Here is what has been decided:

1. A call to stop work on June 30th - strike, call in sick or take the day off

2. To mobilise and support early morning pickets of striking workers

3. To organise local initiatives to link up pickets with marches between
different sites.

4.To promote diverse forms of actions to publicise and circulate the struggles

5. To organise a Strikers Assembly outside Westminster Hall, the end point of
the trade union march on June 30th at around 1pm, for those who are picketing
in central london.

6. To call for autonomous actions in the City of London, the heart of the
financial district, from the afternoon onwards.

J30 Strikers ]

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