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I thought I was suffering from a bee in my bonnet about CAP until I discovered the Action Aid paper -Farmgate : the developmental impact of agricutural subsidies. 
from which the following  "Key Statistic"

" In the Uk the richest 20% of farm holdings receive 80% of the subsidies.   The top 20,000 UK farmers  receive annual subsidy cheques of about £100,000 .   The majority of Uk farmers (about 60%) receive less than £5,000 a year."

When I apply some other stats - £3.4bn handouts and 197,000 claimants I come up with the following :
If we agreed as an objective of reforming CAP  was to redistribute the payments  now going (mostly) to large corporations,
among 'small farmers' (estimated number 120,000) each would receive an additional £10,000 p.a. and additionally the taxpayer could pocket 
£1bn out of the present cost of £3.9bn.  
With national  strikes looming this untouched expenditure is sure to be discovered and  the anomaly addressed.  
Oh, and in addition to the £200 cost of CAP payments to each UK household  There are EU tariffs on food imports and export subsidies harming 3rd world farmers.  Action Aid  calculates that households pay an additional £150-£200  in "inflated consumer prices."  -food? 
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