The writing's on the wall...

Mon Mar 7 15:17:19 GMT 2011

Yes, the writing is on the wall. 

An increasing number of people, including myself, my family and friends, are growing more aware of the phoney politics, crony captalism and state oppression that is making life miserable, not just for the British but for people all around thw world. 

The criminal elite, over many generations, have stolen our land and natural resources using violence and deception. They hide behind corrupt legal systems and corporations but if you look at the major shareholders in any of these multi-nationals, you will see the same names again and again. 

The people of the middle east are struggling to free themselves from this tangled web of deceipt but behind the scenes western powers appear to be attempting to 'contain' the situation. 

The world belongs to the people, not a handful of criminal oligarchs and tyrants... the world and all it's natural resources belong to everyone, it is our shared inheritance. People without access to land and the freedom to pusue natural human activities are slaves to these false political and economic systems. 

These vampires have been feeding off the poor and oppressing the weak for far too long, it is time for the people of the world to unite and reclaim their freedom and dignity. 




"...the NSS [National Security State] is an instrument of class warfare, organized and designed to permit an elite, local and multinational, to operate without any constraint from democratic processes. This allows the bulk of the population to be treated as a mere cost of production." -- Edward Herman, economist and media analyst


The fondi exist mainly out of the public spotlight. The evidence of their existence is the misery they leave in their wake.
Among these top families are the Montefiores, financial servants of the Genoese nobility since the 1200's, the Goldsmids and Mocattas, leading bullion merchants for the British royal family since the 1600's, the Oppenheimers, controllers of a large proportion of the diamond and gold mining in South Africa, the Sassoons, agents of the British Crown in India in the 1700's devoting themselves to opium production, the banking families of Warburg, Schiff, Meyer, Loeb, Radziwill, De Menil, di Spadaforas, Schroeder, von Thurn und Taxis, von Finck, Wittelsbach, Lambert, Hambro, Luzzatto, Orsini, Weill and countless others hiding behind the curtain of interlocking banking directorates, holding companies, offshore banking empires, free port concessions, camouflaged out of public view. -- Abel Danger


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