The World Cheers as the CIA Plunges Libya Into Chaos

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There is another side to this story which may be of interest to anyone reading speculatively:

Gaddafi is a secret darling of the West

With the war unfolding in Libya, it came as no surprise that the West gravitated towards supporting the Libyan rebels. But discerning readers will note that Gaddafi has in the past, enjoyed the secret gratitude of the Powers That May Be, who are based in the West.

In Gaddafi's Libya, following the Islamic religion even passively is grounds for arrest. While Gaddafi can superficially be an Islamist, his attitude towards the religion reeks of extreme hostility, which is usually witnessed in members of the Western elite. Not surprisingly, he tried to fashion his country on the principles of communism and started a cultural revolution to purge Libya of its native values. This is all too similar with "leaders" that popped up in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia and Cuba.

Then there is Gaddafi's career. At one point, he pursued "further studies" in Europe, specifically in Britain. It may be never known who his Western counterparts were in this phase of his life.

Similarly, there are unanswered questions about the coup that brought him to power, and abolished the Senussi dynasty. The United States discouraged British Intelligence from intervening against Gaddafi, because they claimed he was sufficiently anti-Marxist.

It appears that Gaddafi was meant to fashion Libya as a reactionary Muslim power, superficially Islamicized, and ready to participate in the prescribed "Clash of Civilizations" agenda when the time came. For example, elitist authors  Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre portrayed Gaddafi as trying to detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, in their 1980 novel, the Fifth Horseman. It appears that since then, Iran has assumed the role of the Fifth Horseman, and Gaddafi has become more or less redundant. Interestingly, Libya secretly supplied Khomeini with soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war.

For those in the know, the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 was an inside job. Juval Aviv, a private investigator hired by Pan Am, came to similar conclusions, in fact this is what protected Pan Am from liability. While there is no space for a full discussion of what might have happened, some of the passengers that died should provide sufficient clues. There is blatant evidence of cover-up, in particular, the scandal involving an iron fisted Wikipedia moderator. In her earlier life, this moderator is said to have derailed the Lockerbie investigation of ABC reporter Pierre Salinger, presumably in behalf of British Intelligence. She infiltrated Salinger's investigation, claiming to have lost a near one in Lockerbie. She did lose a boyfriend in the disaster. But her hook-up with this passenger could also indicate prior knowledge, for the purpose of later infiltrating the families of the victims, who are still seeking answers. American professor Ludwig De Braeckeleer, investigating the Lockerbie case on his own, found this moderator using her moderator privileges to make sure the Lockerbie article on Wikipedia implicated Libya, not Western Intelligence Services. She had a particular obsession with discrediting the Salinger investigation.

In the popular context, Western Intelligence agencies don't do such horrible things and it is impossible to picture Western Intelligence Agencies being dragged to court for their misdeeds. Therefore, there was an urgency to find a non-Western scapegoat. What is puzzling is that Gaddafi not only stood up to the offer, but allowed all suspicion to be outsourced to his country. Unlike the Taliban, who were eliminated without the chance of their involvement in 9-11 being proven, Gaddafi only had to suffer a few theatrical missile attacks. In October 2008, Gaddafi would pay $1.5 billion in compensation to the victims of Lockerbie and other bombings. These payments were necessary to buy the silence of the families of the victims, as their insistence for justice would only unravel the involvement of Western Intelligence. Here we have Gaddafi covering up for Western Intelligence Agencies.

In 1998, foreign medical workers were caught infecting over 400 Libyan children with HIV at a Benghazi hospital. A real dictator victimized by the West would spare no effort in arranging public executions of all those involved. Instead, Gaddafi tried his best to whittle down the issue. The Libyan magazine that brought the issue to light was shut down. Eventually, all of the foreign medical workers were released. They left Libya on a French plane, accompanied by the former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The so-called foreign aid workers who infected over 400 Libyan children with HIV.

There is also other evidence of the Libyan government enjoying secret preferential treatment in the West.

1. The Gaddafi family freely maintains assets in Western countries.

2. Members of the Gaddafi family freely travel to Western countries. For example, Gaddafi's son gave a lecture at the London School of Economics. He was given a Ph.D degree by them.
3. Libyan Intelligence freely operates in Western countries, and monitors Libyan expats. They have been involved in dozens of assassinations.
4. Western firms freely do business with Libya, even when it was under sanctions.

In my previous article on the crisis in Egypt and Tunisia, I suggested that these revolutions were staged by Western Intelligence. But why would Western Intelligence target Libya, which was already under their indirect control? There are two possible theories:

1. Gaddafi had become redundant as a "Fifth Horseman." The time was ripe to replace him with operatives straight out of Western think tanks (El Baradeis'). Based on an analysis of the rhetoric, it appears that Britain was most actively pursuing the anti-Gaddafi line. They even sent an Intelligence team to make contact with the rebels on March 6th 2011.  If the British were indeed involved in the festering of the crisis, they may have miscalculated. Unlike the people of Egypt who have been conquered and colonised by every regional power, the Libyan people know how to fight on their own. They have little use for controlled "social media" uprisings as those in Egypt. For example, Gaddafi has faced sizable resistance including assassination attempts, unlike other Arab dictators. As recent as 1990, Libyan veterans of the Afghan jihad against the Soviets launched a civil war against Gaddafi. This was promptly covered up by the International media. Following 9-11, this group was banned as being linked to Al-Qaeda in Western countries, much to the relief of Gaddafi. Going back earlier to World War I, The Italians were forced to retreat out of Libya under heavy counterattack. A viewing of the film Lion of the Desert is a must see for those interested.
2. The revolution in Libya was an unintended spillout of the fake revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, which quickly grew out of control, becoming a genuine uprising. For example, there are rumours that the same British Intelligence unit mentioned above was involved in setting fire to an ammunition dump the rebels had captured. The Powers That Be did their best to delay the creation of the no-fly zone, using the Japanese tsunami crisis as an opportunity to conduct a media blackout of the uprising. But Gaddafi failed to take back control during that window of opportunity. Further delaying the no-fly zone would only expose Western hypocrisy to the entire world. It is interesting to note the number of American military pundits who showed up on talk shows to demonstrate that a no-fly zone was unfeasible. In addition, Gaddafi's "suicidal" stance speaks more of his assurance  on his secret connections to the West. It does not betray the attitude of a cornered and abandoned leader.

Of these two explanations, I am currently in favour of the second one. It remains to be seen how things will play out. It is likely that the West will try to leave Gaddafi intact. If Gaddafi has to be removed, he will be, complete with a fake execution and a secret transit to Europe.

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> Uh huh. Cf human rights watch, which might explain why their incarceration rates appear so low:
> "Since the Libyan uprising began on 17 February [we have] documented cases in which government forces opened fire on peaceful protesters and the arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance of scores of people.
> "Gaddafi's deplorable human rights record over 41 years in power enhances the deep anxiety for the safety of the civilian population. Since he assumed power in 1969, Gaddafi has repeatedly used arbitrary arrests, torture, enforced disappearances, and political killings to maintain control.
> "The most notorious incident occurred in 1996 after a failed prisoners' revolt at Tripoli's Abu Salim prison. Security forces later killed an estimated 1,200 prisoners. The government recently started a process to compensate the families of some of those killed, but it has failed to punish any of the responsible security forces."
> Check out Amnesty International too:
> Or, did anyone catch From Our Own Correspondent, with someone talking to several of the legion of people who had family members 'disappeared?'
> Perhaps Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the BBC are all CIA stooges? This was nearly enough to make me unsubscribe from this list.
> Dan
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> The World Cheers as the CIA Plunges Libya Into Chaos
> by David Rothscum
> Global Research, March 2, 2011
> How was Libya doing under the rule of Gadaffi? How bad did the people
> have it? Were they oppressed as we now commonly accept as fact? Let
> us look at the facts for a moment.
> Before the chaos erupted, Libya had a lower incarceration rate than
> the Czech republic. It ranked 61st. Libya had the lowest infant
> mortality rate of all of Africa. Libya had the highest life
> expectancy of all of Africa. Less than 5% of the population was
> undernourished. In response to the rising food prices around the
> world, the government of Libya abolished ALL taxes on food.
> People in Libya were rich. Libya had the highest gross domestic
> product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of all of
> Africa. The government took care to ensure that everyone in the
> country shared in the wealth. Libya had the highest Human Development
> Index of any country on the continent. The wealth was distributed
> equally. In Libya, a lower percentage of people lived below the
> poverty line than in the Netherlands.
> How does Libya get so rich? The answer is oil. The country has a lot
> of oil, and does not allow foreign corporations to steal the
> resources while the population starves, unlike countries like
> Nigeria, a country that is basically run by Shell.
> Like any country, Libya suffers from a government with corrupt
> bureaucrats that try to gain a bigger portion of the pie at the cost
> of everyone else. In response to this, Kadaffi called for the oil
> revenue to be distributed directly to the people, because in his
> opinion, the government was failing the people. However, unlike the
> article claims, Kadaffi is not the president of Libya. In fact he
> holds no official position in the government. This is the big mistake
> that people make. They claim that Kadaffi rules over Libya when in
> fact he doesn't, his position is more or less ceremonial. He should
> be compared to a founding father.
> The true leader of Libya is an indirectly elected prime-minister. The
> current prime-minister is Baghdadi Mahmudi. Calling Khadaffi the
> leader of Libya is comparable to calling Akihito the leader of Japan.
> Contrary to what your media is sketching, opinions in Libya vary.
> Some people support Gadaffi but want Mahmudi out. Others want both
> out. Many just want to live their life in peace. However, effort is
> taken to sketch the appearance of a popular revolt against the
> supposed leader of Libya, Gadaffi, when in fact he is just the
> architect of Libya's current political system, a mixture of
> pan-Arabism, socialism, and Islamic government.
> Videos of Pro-Gaddafi protests are disappearing from Youtube as we
> speak. "Pro Gaddafi Anti Baghdadi Mahmudi demonstrations in"
> is gone. "Pro Gaddafi protests in
> front of Libyan embassy London" Is
> gone. Youtube deletes any video containing gore normally, except when
> it's from Libya. Apparently more traumatizing to it's viewers than
> chopped up bodies are Libyans who do not jump on the bandwagon and
> enter the streets to force Gadaffi out.
> Are the protesters in Libya comparable to the protesters in Egypt and
> Tunisia? Not at all. The governments reaction is more violent, and
> obviously excessive violence is being used. However let us look for a
> moment at the actions of the protesters. The building of the the
> general people's congress, the parliament of Libya, was put on fire
> by angry protestors. This is comparable to protesters putting the
> United States Capitol on fire. Do you think that for even a moment
> the US government would sit idly by as protesters put the US capitol on fire?
> The riots erupting now are not secular youth desiring change, or
> anything like we saw in Egypt and Tunisia. A group calling itself
> "Islamic Emirate of Barka", the former name of the North-Western part
> of Libya, has taken numerous hostages, and killed two policemen. This
> is not a recent development. On Friday, the 18th of February, the
> group stole 70 military vehicles after attacking a port and killing
> four soldiers. Unfortunately, a military colonel has joined the group
> and provided them with further weapons. The uprising started in the
> eastern city of Benghazi. The Italian foreign minister has raised his
> fears of an Islamic Emirate of Benghazi declaring itself independent.
> So where does this sudden uprising come from? The answer is that the
> same groups the US has been funding for decades are now taking their
> chance to gain control over the nation. A group recently arrested in
> Libya consisted of dozens of foreign nationals that were involved in
> numerous acts of looting and sabotage. The Libyan government could
> not rule out links to Israel.
> Great Britain funded an Al Qaeda cell in Libya, in an attempt to
> assassinate Gadaffi. The main opposition group in Libya now is the
> National Front for the Salvation of Libya. This opposition group is
> being funded by Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and French Intelligence. This
> group unified itself with other opposition groups, to become the
> National Conference for the Libyan Opposition. It was this
> organization that called for the "Day of Rage" that plunged Libya
> into chaos on February 17 of this year.
> It did this in Benghazi, a conservative city that has always been
> opposed to Gadaffi's rule. It should be noted that the National Front
> for the Salvation of Libya is well armed. In 1996 the group tried to
> unleash a revolution in the eastern part of Libya before. It used the
> Libyan National Army, the armed division of the NFSL to begin this
> failed uprising.
> Why is the United States so opposed to Gadaffi? He is the main threat
> to US hegemony in Africa, because he attempts to unite the continent
> against the United States. This concept is called the United States
> of Africa. In fact, Gadaffi holds all sorts of ideas that are
> contrary to US interests. The man blames the United States government
> for the creation of HIV. He claims that Israel is behind the
> assasination of Martin Luther King and president John. F. Kennedy. He
> says that the 9/11 hijackers were trained in the US. He also urged
> Libyans to donate blood to Americans after 9/11. Khadaffi is also the
> last of a generation of moderate socialist pan-Arab revolutionaries
> that is still in power, after Nasser and Hussein have been
> eliminated, and Syria has aligned itself with Iran.
> The United States and Israel however have no interest in a strong
> Arab world. In fact it seems that elementary to the plan is bringing
> Libya to its knees through chaos and anarchy. In late 2010, the
> United Kingdom was still propping up the Libyan government through
> lucrative arms sales. Nothing is a better guarantee to destroy Libya
> than a bloody civil war. The tribal system that is still strong in
> Libya is useful to exploit to generate such a war since Libya has
> historically been divided into various tribal groups.
> This is also why the Libyan government responds by importing
> mercenaries. Tribal allegiances go before allegiance to the
> government, especially in Benghazi, and thus the central government
> has no control over the eastern part of the country anymore. The
> alternative to mercenaries is a conflict between the various ethnic
> groups. Gadaffi has tried for 41 years to make the country more
> homogeneous, but opposition groups funded by outside forced will take
> little more than a few days to put the country back into the 19th
> century, before the region was conquered and unified by Europeans.
> The violence is indeed excessive, but everyone seems to forget that
> the situation is not the same as in Tunis and Egypt. Tribal ties play
> a far greater role, and thus the conflict will unfortunately be bloodier.
> Please remember at all times that the violent Libyan civil war
> unfolding now is not comparable to the revolutions seen in Tunisia
> and Egypt. Both of these revolutions involved peaceful protesters
> suffering from poverty, in opposition to their corrupt governments.
> The chaos in Libyan consists of a mixture of tribal conflicts,
> conflict over oil revenue (since most oil is in the east of the
> country), radical islamists opposed to Gadaffi's system of
> government, and outside destabilization by Western funded exile groups.
> Gadaffi took control in a bloodless coup from a sick monarch away for
> medical treatment 41 years ago. His ideology is based on unification
> and he attempted to peacefully merge his country with Egypt and
> Syria. It would take a miracle for the violence unfolding now to lead
> to a single stable democratic government in Libya, with full control
> over the entire country. The country is more than twice the size of
> Pakistan, but with 6 million inhabitants. Endless deserts divide many
> of the cities in the nation. If anything we should ask ourselves how
> many more nations will be shattered into pieces in the coming months,
> as the world cheers.
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