26 March TUC and police plans

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The role of stewards will be much more than just guiding the march on its 
agreed route. Senior stewards will share intelligence with the police via 
their radio communications,
and have agreed strategies on how to bring the police in if 'trouble-makers' 
infiltrate the march. The TUC is also working closely with the police to 
deliver 'key messages' to those
participating in the demonstration.

TUC route stewards are being trained to be a 'first response' in a similar 
way to stewards at football matches. They will alert senior stewards, and 
thereby the police, to any incidents, including the approach of 
'troublemakers'. They have been instructed to deal with minor incidents - a 
group of people doing a sit-down protest en route, for example -
on their own in the first instance. If or when the stewards don't get a 
positive response, or if things escalate, the police will move in. It 
appears to be very much a 'zero tolerance'

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