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Dear all,

Have you saved a business threatened with closure?
Have you started or turned a business into a co-operative?
If so, please read on and help if you can! 
In Reading a parent funded nursery which is more affordable than the others in the area is about to be closed down.
The nursery has been losing customers for a while and is now in a lot of debt to both the local Council and the Inland Revenue.
The nursery is in a building owned by the local Council.
We believe, with good reason, that this nursery has lots of potential and could easily be made viable again. We believe that, whilst parents are of course very grateful to the directors for their voluntary and hard efforts, the directors are not in a position to mobilise the creativity and parent/staff participation needed. We believe they have given up.
Parents and staff have been given one weeks notice, the nursery is set to close next Thursday.
We have amongst us; trade unionists, activists and an accountant. We have good community links to residents and workers.
However, we dont have any knowledge or experience of this specific kind of campaign, and especially we do not know anything about co-operative businesses and whether this nursery could be saved in this way.
If you do, PLEASE get in touch asap, any advice appreciated!
Yours in struggle,
Stu Melvin.
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