Bristol Tesco retrospective

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Wed May 4 11:07:46 BST 2011

Last Thursday seems to me to be a rather desperate attempt to receate the machismo of the previous week. 
Tesco Express is/was boarded by then up so it was just an anti-police protest. 
Which of course plays into the hands of the senior police.
Councillors have asked Tesco to reconsider whether or not they really want a shop there. 
Ging back to the original riot the night before Good Friday.....
Source of the petrol bomb rumours from Thursday 21st April appears to be a petrol generator kept in the house. And empty beer bottles.
Rumour is that Tesco private security reported the 'petrol bomb' rumour to police. About 2am that night private security left the former squat they had been patrolling in three shifts of four every day for the last year and Tesco was trashed. 
And so called 'petrol bomber' was not it appears even arrested at the squat. 
I am almost certain I have met the accused chap, Joe, who cannot read and write. 
Despite all this the police did not even ask the fire brigade to attend.
And brought forces in from neighbouring constabularies which would have taken several hours to arrange. Clearly not a quick reaction to intelligence reports of a 'petrol bomb is about to be thrown' then as the senior police are saying.
All are agreed that armed, mounted, be-dogged, police presence both last Thursday and the Thursday before was way way over the top. Ian Tomlinson syndrome, ramdom attacks on passers by or bystanders, appears to be de-rigeur in police training as many many people not involved i the protest, including photographers and those with video cameras were randomly attacked by riot(ing) cops. 

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