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Help the C.A.P. poll at Tolpuddle                                                                  



The powerful European Agricultural Commissioner in 2010  conducted a poll among the public to give
direction to reforming the CAP which is funded by UK
taxpayers and costs each household in UK
£200 each year (of which most households are unaware).    The CAP programme rewards landowners and corporate
food manufacturers  with annual
cheques.  The largest is for £83million ,
and one MP received a £417,000 CAP cheques each year.  Cheques for £10,000 and sometimes £100,000 or
larger are not uncommon.

  Only 145 responses to
the poll were received from the UK
 public.    Why? 

Why does the Commissioner propose to base the  question of reforming this important part of
farm incomes on such an inadequate sample?   Why did the UK
media and particularly BBC Farming Today , Countryfile,  etc fail to 
generate interest and response?  Suggestions
are invited for drafting a questionnaire which will be used in a new poll of 146 respondents.  

At a time of fiscal deficit and universal cuts to public
services there has been no whisper of a suggestion of cutting these massive
annual CAP payments which are effectively a Sheriff of Nottingham tax rewarding  rich country landowners and corporations by
unknowingly taxing mostly  town dwelling wage
earners. .   A paper by me , POLES AND THE CAP
POLL, explains the background. oland with a smaller poulation gathered  1053 responses and Latvia 463)   An action at the Tolpuddle festival in Dorset
will seek to gather more opinions (146) than the mighty EU Commission for
Agriculture. So spreading knowledge about this inequitable and
hidden tax, providing information which will be forwarded to the Commissioner
in Brussels and giving an
opportunity for a media event.   

Volunteers are invited to 
carry out some twenty or so interviews each and help saving £4bn p.a. !  

James Armstrong

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