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Yes - great news! Here's some more info, please forward:

London March today Wed eve to the Spanish Embassy

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> A black and yellow fever is taking over Spain, something long-latent in the
> country for quite a while now, it has suddenly awaken as a growing giant
> creature: a movement called 'Democracia real, YA' (Real Democracy Now) .
> Having gained more than 60,000 supporters throughout different social
> networks over the last three months, the rapidly increasing and pacific
> movement cemented its standing after a massive demonstration that took place
> on May 15, 2011 in more than 30 cities all over Spain and gathering
> thousands without the backing of any entity, political party or union. It
> was bound to happen; the lack of jobs or rather too many precarious ones,
> uncertainty about future prospects, the high cost of living, the rise in
> tuition fees as part of the Bologna Process, the bailout of banks and other
> financial disasters, the austerity measures by the government in the grim
> economy and a rejection of a well-established two-party system, have all
> finally taken their toll on the most highly educated generation in the
> history of the country as well as on their parents, teachers, neighbours,
> relatives and so many citizens. With the May 22 council elections
> approaching and with just over a year left to the next national elections,
> 'Democracia real YA' does not support any political party: it is a movement
> by the citizens and for the citizens. As you are reading this, people are
> camping out spontaneously on the main squares of Madrid and Barcelona and
> other Spanish towns and not giving in to the police demands and
> intimidation, or to undercover agents wrecking havoc themselves disguised as
> protesters. And we won't be fooled by the sudden joining of political
> parties to the movement now that it's made headlines. We won't give up! Our
> time has finally come!
> More information:  www.democraciarealya.es AND
> www.facebook.com/democraciarealya

- Vid with some Eng subtitles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ55PC-ElSE
 - A Manifesto in English http://democraciarealya.es/?page_id=814

May 17th happening in Sol, Madrid:
Thousands of people gather in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to protest
the police eviction last night of the democracy camp # acampadasol
made after the demonstrations of thousands of people in 50 cities
calling Spanish "Real Democracy Now." See

Police closed the camp "a real democracy"
Madrid maintains the momentum of the events of Sunday
Updated. 5 am - The police forcibly evicted the camp
Pics here:

Call for comments on Call Out for Dec 10th Europe / North Africa /
World Day of Action for Real Democracy:

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> FYI ­ now a Spanish spring!
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