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 Good publicity, help spread the word!

Here are some notes from yesterday's General Assembly:

- And for those that weren't there. There were about 300 or so people
engaged and taking part in this assembly. It was quite focused, and it was
very evident how excited people are, and how much energy there is for Occupy
LSX next Saturday!! Started off with some context, and speaches from Occupy
Wall St people and a few others, a bit of context about history of movements
and occupations, a bit of conteext about Occupy LSX,  then break down into
groups of 10 or so people, who discussed between themselves (giving everyone
there a chance to speak), then below, is feedback from these groups.

We even used the human amplifier or whatever its called, where people around
them repeat what was said.

Was really inspiring!


What do we think about Wall Street and elsewhere, and what does it mean for

not everyone has the same kind of privilege – not everyone that wants to
come down can come down

–        discussion about tactics -saturday is a nice idea but nobody cares
because the city is going to be shut down anyway – go on friday! (people
saying that the idea is to shut down)

–        3 points: 1: focus on inclusivity. Be organised. Make it a message
everyone can agree with. Be the 99%. organisation from day one on the day.

–        Occupation is good. We want to occupy. We think that Occupy The
London SX. Should be as inclusive as possible. We also think that just like
this meeting, that that action should help plan other actions after the
occupation. And linking with the strikes on 30th November. We must have a
list of clear demands. Rock on!

–        The general sense of apathy amongst the youth must be broke.
Protect NHS. We do not want an american system of healthcare.

–        Inequality causes depression, greater depression.

–        We need these contexts all over the nation. Start exchanging
contacts with each other

–        we need to be as fun and accessible as possible

–        we cannot win single issue campaigns. We have to have broader based
campaigns. We have to force them to do what we want. We are all born as

–        We have all been inspired by movements across the world and we have
inspired movements across the world. In order to link up with occupy WS in
US and in spain and the strudneds and workers in greece and italy and the
middle east and chile we have to ….thats why its so important that we go to
the city of london that we occupy the stock exchange and we work with people
across the world for a fair and more democratic society. We are an example
of democracy in action.

–        Ive been on the wrong side of occupation. Its been proven by the
israeilis that it works...if they call you criminals, you can tell who the
real criminals are. You can ligimately occupy.

–        We also talked about the creation of money and how the money system
is turning us all into debt slaves. We also talked about those that control
the means of production. We also talked about issuing protest currencies

–        we need to get people involved with the NHS involved with this. The

–        we need to create public spaces in places that are private like the
london stock exchange. We need occupation to change the priorities among the
youth and the population in general. During the occupation we need to have
discussions, entertainment and engagement of all who attend.

–        In our group we talked a lot about taking inspiration from global
movements. We want to keep analysis of all these different issues. We want
to learn from movement in israel...celebraties killed the movement. In spain
they committed themselves to a general assembly process. Wall street wasnt
just an occupation. They also did lots of actions. This is important. We
want to support the general strike on 30th novemebet

–        we dont want to ask those in power to make change for us. We also
want to be doing that in our local communities. A lot of these social
movements dont have enough ways of buildng up with own power, too much
asking those shits in power to make changes for us. Also 9th November
there'll be a big demo in London.

–        We can debate strategy, and thats a wonderful thing...but we all
need to find our own voice. An autonomous organisation such as this is
wonderful. Every person has a stake, we are all equal.

–        We're coming to an end of this general assembly. At the first
general assembly in wall street there were 17 people. Now there are tens of
thousands. We are already more than 70. so lets do this in the UK! Occupy
London! Occupy London! Occupy London!

–        Lets stay on this bridge, those of us who can, lets see how long we
can stay!

–        Each and every place in this country needs to unite and take over!
This is our land!
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