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[This is not an LVT discussion list - it would generate a massive number of emails and would never ever end in agreement since taxing land to many on this list is contrary to Diggers' principles of simplicity - a tax on our very existence - believe me, it's happened here before - in future pls reply to Robin directly - tks - Tony]

Robin Smith wrote: 

"Astonishingly Mr Thurston [....] claimed that an LVT would be passed on to the tenants. [....] Any economist knows that a tax on land 
values comes out of rent because tenants are already paying as much as 
they can to stay above water. It cannot be passed on in this universe."

If the tax on land is merely added to the government's existing tax receipts, then yes indeed, landlords will not be able to pass it on; but one of the claims proponents of LVT make is that LVT will replace other forms of taxation. If it does, then people's effective income - and therefore their capacity to pay rent - will increase. Mr. Thurston probably recognises that rents will rise to absorb that increase .... as is implicit in the very principle you quote.

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