St Paul's protests - Who is fleecing us and how?

Robin Smith robinsmith3 at
Mon Oct 17 10:37:07 BST 2011

Yesterday I went around the "village" hearing a lot and telling a lot
with anyone that wanted to tell and hear.

No doubt there is a lot of peaceful passion. But there's still
enormous confusion around what exactly is the problem.

We know we are being fleeced big time.
We know from which direction we are being fleeced.
But we don't know exactly who is fleecing us, nor how.

This makes our case very poor in the eyes of the sleeping majority and
the media.

There are too many incomplete agendas misdirecting us away from the
deeper cause the people need to unite around to proceed with
credibility and confidence.

The viewpoint I'm trying to gain dialogue and thought on is:

That banks are the modern day aristocratic landlords
They own most of our land through mortgage assets, 75%
They do not collect mortgage interest, they collect RENT
They did no work, nor created any wealth by doing it
THIS is how we are being fleeced

When house prices fell they were all under water. They had to be
bailed out by the people, who else was there to do it? This is the
structural systemic fault.

Our problem then is to accept our own complicity in voting for higher
house prices that fully supports this economic injustice. Dumb because
your home belongs to the bank probably for ever if recently mortgaged.
The people have chosen not to think.

I've been trying to eek this out of all of us there. I had a lot of
success yesterday. But need to get an assembly into much wider
dialogue somehow.

The church has been extremely graceful. Directing the police from
their property. And allowing space for those devoting their time to
the freedom of the sleeping majority. I spent an hour inside listening
to the organ recital. Good meditation.

I'm going back tomorrow to pitch a tent to try more.


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