Gaza Land Day & death - hardly reported in UK

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Gazan man killed in land protests
Friday 30 March 2012 - by Our Foreign Desk
Israeli soldiers fired tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons at 
Palestinians at Land Day rallies on Friday, killing a young man and 
wounding scores. The young Gazan was killed in clashes between 
stone-throwing protesters and security forces at the Erez checkpoint 
which left at least five more people seriously injured, including a 
journalist. Progressive Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti was rushed 
to a Ramallah hospital after being hit in the head by a tear gas 
canister at Qalandia checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, where 
youths threw stones and petrol bombs at Israeli security forces. 
Police used ear-splitting sirens and water cannon firing 
foul-smelling liquid to break up their demonstration. Palestinians 
who live in Arab east Jerusalem waved their national flag outside 
Jerusalem's walled Old City, chanting: "One, one homeland." 
Supporters in neighbouring Arab countries also staged marches near 
the Israeli border, but organisers kept protesters away from the 
frontier. In southern Lebanon more than 3,000 Lebanese and 
Palestinian people gathered outside the Crusader-built Beaufort 
castle nine miles from Israel. Lebanese security forces kept them 
from moving any closer to the border. Sobhiyeh Mizari, 70, said she 
always taught her 12 children "never to forget Palestine. "We will 
liberate our land against the will of Israel and its backers," said 
Ms Mizari, whose husband was killed in Israeli shelling of Lebanon in 
1978. Last year, Israeli troops opened fire on demonstrators from 
Lebanon and Syria who tried twice to break across the borders into 
Israel, killing at least 38 people. The annual Land Day rallies 
commemorate six Israeli Arabs who were gunned down by Israeli 
soldiers on March 30, 1976 as they demonstrated against the Israeli 
expropriation of Arab-owned land in Galilee to build Jewish-only 
settlements. Palestine Liberation Organisation official Saeb Erekat 
said on Friday the ongoing expansion of such settlements in the West 
Bank and east Jerusalem remains "at the heart of the conflict. "For 
44 years this policy of colonialism has been the main source of 
violence in the region and the single most menacing threat to the 
two-state solution," Mr Erekat said. "The freedom defenders are 
marching for dignity toward Jerusalem. Together with them, 
Palestinians will continue their certain path toward national independence."

Syria and Middle East live: Land Day demos in West Bank

Land Day in Pictures: Israel, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank
by Allison Deger on March 31, 2012 5
Yesterday, Palestinians marked Land Day by protesting against the 
Israeli land confiscations with demonstrations in the West Bank, 
Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. This year, the protests were also 
supported by a solidarity campaign known as the Global March to 
Jerusalem, where Palestinians and allies marched to the Israeli 
controlled borders of the occupied Palestinians territories. The 
largest march on the border was in Jordan with between 20,000 and 
30,000 protestors, and in Lebanon between 2,000-3,000 marched. In 
Egypt, the demonstration was cancelled after the state military 
stopped protestors from joining the march, which would have 
approached the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli military and police attempted to disperse the protestors, 
aggressively using crowd dispersal and projectiles, including live 
ammunition. In Gaza, Israeli fire killed 20-year-old Mahmoud Zakot, 
and hundreds were injured in the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians 
threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli forces.

The West Bank
Across the West Bank, demonstrations took place with reports of 
excessive Israeli force, including water cannons, tear gas and rubber 
bullets. Additionally, a Long Range Acoustic Device, a sound machine 
emitting high-frequency noise, and a machine spraying a "skunk" 
smelling liquid were used on protestors. The Red Crescent counted 
over 200 people were injured in Qalandia alone, with 85 from rubber 
bullets. Between 14 and 34 were arrested in Jerusalem, but the total 
number of arrests is still unknown.
Major protests were held in the cities of Bethlehem, Beit Ummar, 
Budrus, Jerusalem, Kfar Kadum, Nabi Saleh, Nablus, , Ni'lin, 
Qalandia, and Safa.


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