'A farmer’s view' of heavily enclosed Herts. land

Ram Selva seeds at snail.org.uk
Sat Apr 14 12:23:17 BST 2012


Rothamsted GM wheat trials: A farmer’s view
Jake Frestone
Monday 09 April 2012 00:01

On 29 March, I was invited to visit the site of the GM wheat trials at 
Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire, as part of a delegation with the 
West Midlands Regional Crops Board of the NFU.



is the hidden away 'application' at EC.

Why this is the only serious GM wheat trial in the world and why this 
is being plastered with excuses such as Climate Change to less pesticide 
use need close attention.

Bell Pottinger, the scum of a PR/lobbying industry for AstraZeneca 
[ones who organise PR such as BBC Hard Talk! for despots and 
genocidaires] are taking it all, unchecked, to new levels of deceptions 
- see Rothamsted institute's recent PR article with BBC YouTube snippet 
and all termed 'Aphidwheat.

Then there are people like Michael Kock, head of IPR at Syngenta (the 
Cadenza wheat genome being cloned at multiple loci by nerds at the 
institute is Syngenta's so is AstraZeneca's vast agribusiness arm; 
Syngenta is running a lot of the show at Rothamsted some of it directly 
through sponsorship programmes) who are firmly pushing for draconian 
legislation such as ACTA at EU, the last stumbling block for 
totalitarian control of food supplies through patents. ACTA will affect 
seeds as much or more than digital goods but the deceptions have worked 
to such efficiency (or is it that the so called land and related rights 
movements are in tatters to mount any meaningful opposition inside 
Europe?!) that even when as it stands now - ACTA is being run past 
European Courts of Justice (whatever; see ffii.org for some good 
coverage) there is no real opposition other than 'anonymous' hijacking 
of the issue!

Then there is the aspect of the security industries (scum such as G4S) 
looking for post olympic work.

Lets hope there'd be more news from the countryside to better 
understand how the landed and gentry are playing it nowadays.

Getting back to the Farmer's View does anyone suspect the photo of 
smiley farmer to be digitally touched up (see very bottom of the first 
link as above)

@James: Some of us found the info highlighted by you recently on Tate & 
Lyle completely fascinating. Please let us know if that info is also 
going to be revised/updated. Thanks.


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