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Some tiny fraction of UK people have heard of CAP and think they  know what it is - and you query the date of Set aside - one CAP scheme out of  scosome twenty odd.   My job is to get over the big picture,`my degree essays on  Political Economy were long ago.  
But , lets think scores - which  finished for new entrants in 2007 I think.  
Should we not tell the taxpayers to-day  what they unknowingly paid for  in 2007 and  subequently?
My understanding is that the land had to be set aside for a period of 5 years. 
Today it is still open to the  receivers of CAP cheques to repay CAP money in £billions, received for  set aside since 2007.
Have we suddenly discovered  an urgent need for more food production causing us to  end set aside?
or is it that the agribusiness  mafia has found a more convenient heading under which to secretly  reward landowners?
On quoting sources, tell that to  Farming Today , to the Chancellor, to the ONS.  Sources? they dont even tell us the  facts.
This morning I heard the statement on BBC's Farming Today that £130m each year is invested in milk production in UK-`no details,no questions,no sources, and BBC have never once to my knowledge revealed let alone featured the info on CAP which defra published on the  cap-payments  web site for years and farmsubsidy still do.  You could help the nation by looking up new facts and the sources  and tell us  what you find. 

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 "... or 1million acres of set aside ..."
didn't the set aside scheme end about three years ago?
good to quote sources when commenting about other people's lack of 
unsubstantiated assertions so try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set-aside 
quite enjoyed the programme and can think of several reasons why building large 
new housing estates on agricutural land is not the best way to tackle the 
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