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This case in Coventry was a result of something similar..
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The HMG policy described  as promoting academies has a little discussed  side to it.
When  a school governing body opts for academy status, owership of the land and the property of the school and  playing fields etc    is transferred to the governing body.
An instance is in Saffron Walden where the new owners sold off some of the land.  It is  reported that the proceeds were to be used to improve the school.
Remembering the land sell off and property developing accompanying the privatisation of National Coal Board, British Steel, British Rail,
this aspect of the policy has received little attention.
Does anyone serve as a School governor or School Trust member or school charity and can throw further light on this? 
A Freedomof Info  question could give info on the  number of sites transferred nationally, the yield (or lack of compensation)  to the public purse and value of the land and  instances of land sales, and the identity of individuals and corporations benefitting.




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