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Stop forced evictions in Africa campaign

An informal settlement resident in Nairobi, 
Kenya, demands an end to forced evictions on 
World Habitat Day 2011. © Amnesty International

“When we meet each other from slums across the 
continent and see our problems are the same it 
makes us stronger.” -- Philip Kumah, a tailor and 
resident of Old Fadama slum in Accra, Ghana, under threat of forced eviction.

We call on African governments and local 
government authorities to stop forced evictions and respect housing rights

End forced evictions
Every year in African cities thousands of 
families are thrown out of their homes by the 
authorities or others without human rights 
safeguards. These forced evictions shatter lives. 
People not only lose their homes, but also their 
possessions and jobs, and children are forced out 
of school. People living in informal settlements, 
or ‘slums’, are most at risk because they may 
lack formal permissions for the place they live.

This is a massive injustice. No-one can be 
forcibly evicted, no matter where they live. This 
is illegal under international and regional human 
rights standards, which African governments have 
committed to. Often carried out in the name of 
‘development’, forced evictions drive people 
deeper into poverty and result in many people 
becoming homeless and destitute. Forced evictions 
are a problem, not a solution, and they must end.

Housing is a human right
Around three out of every four people living in a 
sub-Saharan city live in an informal settlement. 
Their governments have failed to plan for 
affordable places to live in the city. Most work, 
pay taxes, vote, put their children through 
school and contribute to the city’s economy like 
other urban residents. But they are excluded from 
city budgets and plans and get inadequate or no 
access to water, schools, health care and security.

This is against international law: people living 
in informal settlements have the same rights to 
adequate housing, water, sanitation, education 
and health care as all others do.

Call on governments and local government authorities in Africa to:
Immediately stop forced evictions.
Pass and implement laws that prohibit forced 
evictions and set out safeguards that must be 
strictly followed before any eviction is carried 
out. These must meet international and regional human rights standards.
Take immediate steps to give a minimum degree of 
security of tenure to all people who don’t have 
this protection, genuinely consulting with the affected communities.
Make sure that people living in slums have equal 
access to water, sanitation, health care, 
housing, education and fair and effective policing.
Make sure people living in slums genuinely take 
part in decisions that affect their lives, 
including slum upgrading, planning and budget processes.

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