you've got to work for the earth lord

veggygreenwomble greenwomble at
Thu Apr 19 12:23:47 BST 2012

its not easy to live on land. its not to easy to live on earth.

its not easy to love.

you've got to pay an admission fee, or you've got to work for the earth lord for your life.

the last line in the diggers song
refers to land and is:
'they came to cut us down'

the authorities are not concerned with free, and you living free they are concerned with a destruction of free, they are concerned with Rent, since Pharoughs time. We give That rent the name of tythe or tax. The authorities work for the land lords and are the land lords, or more precisely the earth lords and they are concerned that their subjects produce money for consumption on land and of land, not free.!

For a clearer analysis of that see Charles Eisensteins sacred economics writings or view his 5 part video for an analysis on how history is a history of community relationships being gradually monetized into services, and land into goods.

Projects and energy for how a change to sharing land and community and gift relationships are going against the grain and against the trend of growth of monetization needed to service debt, and also the artificial scarcity needed to be created for competitive exchange.

Digger groups ought to be concerned and focussed on only this land issue as was Winstanley. 

We are just not going to be allowed to do free and moneyless, because its against the authorities agenda.

So what are the choices to do about it. are we diggers or talkers.

Start groups that are truly
diggers that wish to cooperate
to both
take land available free and
purchase their own free land.

Be diggers.

or just keep on talking about the other  101 other related injustices that people are generally posting on here.

has anyone on here actually got digger land? free land? yet?

if not why not?

how many on here have there own houses which is land, all bought and paid for. why not then put your money asset where your mouth is join up with other diggers and Do it.

I remember the deeks of the landless peasant party talking about the caravan club, and all the land it has.! it was funny and so fooking true.

so why not Diggers.

Can we start? the doing of it now, sometime? when?

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