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Hi all, please can you consider sending this round your own email lists?
(Hope all can come, too . . ) Ruth

*Homeless people speak out at St Paul's*

Saturday 4 February 2 pm

From the beginning of Occupy London at St Paul's and Finsbury Square, rough
sleepers and other homeless people have been occupiers at both camps,
taking part in actions, discussions and assemblies and keeping the camps
alive by working in the kitchens, stores, recycling and shelter.  Occupy
London has become a home -- and an occupation -- for people who have been
homeless for years, and for others who have dropped "normal" life to join
the fight for justice for the 99%.

This week is Poverty and Homelessness Action Week and on Saturday, outside
St Paul's, an action group formed at OLSX will be hosting a speak-out on
homelessness.  The event will be a chance for women and men with experience
of homelessness -- on the streets, in hostels, on friends' sofas, or in
other insecure accommodation -- to tell the truth
about what it is like,
how they are treated by police and authorities, how they got there, and
what they think would help.  Occupy London has already brought social
justice up everyone's agenda.  But homeless people remain invisible to
many, and now new legislation, housing cuts, and cuts in benefits, jobs,
and wages mean more and more people without homes.

The event will be 2 pm outside St Paul's cathedral (some shelter may be
available, but please dress warmly and bring a flask!)

Following the Speak Out and a general assembly, you are invited to
celebrate Occupy London with "Occ Stock"  live arts fest from 7 pm.

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