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> Hi,
> I need some help...I have found this site...
> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thousltone-Park-Community-Free-town/ 
> 296651707030392
> I have strong support and am starting to setup a Freetown. I want  
> to build a transient community of ecologically minded ppl who will  
> leave a legacy and share skills with the lost civilisation we have  
> now become...
> The site is perfect in size, location, layout and the derelict  
> structures/resources are just perfect to be re-fitted and used as a  
> management hub and produce distribution centre...
> please can you get involved and or give me advice as to my best  
> course of actions like how to aquire the land as it has been  
> derelict for 15+ years
> thanks for your time...
> P.S. there is also this project I want to start of one acre of  
> glasshouse and surrounding land which will be an ideal spring board/ 
> support nursery for the bigger project...
> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dilton-Marsh-Infinite-Possibility- 
> Community/209777902425303
> Eko
> 07523278170
> Wake up and smell the Freedom...it's more than a 7 letter word ;@)
> CHEMTRAILS- http://snardfarker.ning.com/forum/topics/what-in-the- 
> world-are-they?groupUrl=chemtrailreporting&xg_source=shorten_twitter
> www.justfortheloveofit.org
> www.freegle.org
> www.fmotl.com
> www.tpuc.org
> 9. Hilary Koprowski
> Hilary Koprowski, Polish-born virologist, found work with the  
> Rockefeller Foundation in Rio de Janeiro researching yellow fever.  
> After World War II, Koprowski worked for Lederle Laboratories where  
> he was assigned to research the poliovirus. His boss at Lederle was  
> Herald Cox who was also trained at the Rockefeller Institute. [31]
> In 1950 Koprowski secretly tested his live-virus vaccine on special  
> needs children at Letchworth Village, a place for the “epileptic  
> and feeble-minded.” Oshinsky writes in Polio: An American Story,  
> “Koprowski did not tell Herald Cox about the test… The reason,  
> Koprowski later admitted, was the certainty of being turned  
> down.” [32]
> After testing the vaccine on children, Koprowski moved on to Africa  
> to further test his polio vaccine. A strong correlation exists  
> between the testing the Oral Polio Vaccine Koprowski developed and  
> the appearance of HIV/AIDS in Africa. [33]

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