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UN says 1.3 million Iraqis still homeless years after invasion
By Associated Press,
BAGHDAD — Officials say more than 1.3 million 
Iraqis remain homeless after being forced to flee 
six years ago during widespread sectarian violence that threatened their lives.
United Nations diplomat Claire Bourgeois voiced 
concerns Sunday that Iraq has not taken enough 
steps to help the homeless “go back to a dignified life.”
She said squatters should be helped into 
permanent homes instead of evicted from empty 
buildings or public places where they are living.
Bourgeois also said many of the homeless have 
lost identification and other documents that 
would entitle them to government assistance.
Iraqi Deputy Migration Minister Asqhar 
al-Moussawi said the government has approved 
spending $257 million this year to help the 
squatters — less than half of what was requested.

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Homeless in Waitrose site warn of squatter takeover in Muswell Hill
by Tim Lamden, Hornsey Journal - Thursday, February 23, 2012
A group of squatters, living in an empty pub in 
Muswell Hill, have warned that every derelict 
building in the area will be overtaken by homeless people in the coming weeks.
The squatters entered the former Slug And 
Lettuce, in Muswell Hill Broadway, last 
Wednesday, after its owners vacated to make way 
for a Waitrose convenience store, set to open in July.
Jay Sampson, one of the squatters living in the 
pub, told the Journal: “It’s below zero and 
there’s people homeless in Muswell Hill. It’s all 
because of the government that these people are 
homeless, because their housing benefits have been cut in half.
“I don’t want to live in the Slug And Lettuce but 
it’s cold on the street and I just want to keep 
warm. It’s going to get a lot worse everywhere – 
every unoccupied shop in Muswell Hill will be occupied by squatters.”
The squatters, a group of seven men and one 
woman, immediately changed the locks on moving 
in, fixing a “legal warning” to the front door, 
reading: “We live in this property, it is our home and we intend to stay here.”
They claim they have a legal right to stay in the 
building and the sign warns that “if you want to 
get us out you will have to issue a claim in the county court”.
The warning’s signatories include “Clayton 
Steel”, “Terminator Chris” and “Mr MC Dunny”.
Mr Sampson said the group were living in a corner 
of the vacant building “where there is carpet, leather sofas and a heater”.
One of the squatters, who didn’t wish to be 
named, said the group were planning an all-night 
rave in the pub on Friday evening.
Emma Whittlestone, chairwoman of Muswell Hill 
Traders’ Group, said: “This is not a good 
situation for a high street that is trying so 
hard to survive. I hope they can find some more appropriate accomodation soon.”
A Waitrose spokesman said: “We are in the process 
of taking all appropriate steps to lawfully evict the occupiers.”
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